Star Roses and Plants Hydrangea American Lace Dark Pink, American Lace Pink, and American Lace White

Jul 9, 2024
Star Roses and Plants to showcase new varieties at Cultivate‘24

Star Roses and Plants announced it will present its new 2025 plant varieties at Cultivate ’24, taking place July 13-16 in Columbus, Ohio. Featured genetics include two new additions to the Bushel and Berry edible brand, a trio of Hydrangea abrorsecens, and roses with fragrance and dry-climate performance.

The 15 new varieties are as follows:

Buxus ‘Little Mister’

Star Roses and Plants Buxus 'Little Mister'

This dense, compact boxwood is 2x the size of fan-favorite ‘Little Missy’ and has the same great blight resistance! Plant in containers or as a small hedge and enjoy its healthy, dark green foliage all year round. Performs best in zones 5–9.

Cercis ‘Gilded Hearts’

Star Roses and Plants Cercis 'Gilded Hearts'

Glossy, golden heart-shaped leaves cover this small tree with vibrant color. Native to the Southwestern United States and Texas, its foliage does not fade, even in direct sun and high heat. Performs best in Zones 6 to 9.

Cornus ‘Winter Spark’

Star Roses and Plants Cornus 'Winter Spark'

Stunning in every season! Blooms and berries appear in spring, pretty foliage covers the shrub through summer and fall, and scarlet stems add vibrant color to the landscape all winter long. Deer resistant and native to North America. Performs best in Zones 3 to 8.

Dampiera ‘Purple Oz’

Star Roses and Plants Dampiera 'Purple Oz'

An abundance of pollinator-friendly purple flowers bloom atop lush, silver-green foliage for long-lasting contrast in the landscape. This variety is tolerant of heat and drought and also grows well in containers where not hardy. Performs best in Zones 8 to 11.

Hydrangea series American Lace

Star Roses and Plants Hydrangea American Lace Dark Pink, American Lace Pink, and American Lace White

American Lace Dark Pink, American Lace Pink, and American Lace White are a collection of three beautiful smooth hydrangea varieties that produce more flowers than other varieties and has sturdier stems that keep its large blooms from flopping open midseason. An excellent size for planting under windows. Performs best in Zones 3 to 8.

Syringa ‘New Age Pink Flush’

Star Roses and Plants Syringa 'New Age Pink Flush'

This compact lilac is beautiful in both the landscape and containers. It produces fragrant, pink-to-white flowers in the spring, is resistant to mildew, and displays attractive foliage throughout the season. Performs best in Zones 4 to 7.

Viburnum ‘Snowy River’

Star Roses and Plants Viburnum 'Snowy River'

Multi-season beauty in one plant! Lightly fragrant, pollinator friendly white flowers appear in spring, followed by glossy green foliage for a lush landscape all summer. In fall, red berries provide festive color and a food source for birds. A low maintenance shrub that is adaptable to both sun and shade. Performs best in Zones 5 to 8.

Tea Camellia ‘Brew-Tea-Ful’

Star Roses and Plants Tea Camellia 'Brew-Tea-Ful'

The first non-fruiting variety available from Bushel and Berry produces three types of tea, making it easy and affordable for growers to diversify their edible program with just one plant. Brew-Tea-Ful does especially well in warm climates and can be positioned as a unique evergreen hedge. Performs best in Zones 7 to 9.

Passionfruit ‘Poppin’ Passion’

Star Roses and Plants Passionfruit 'Poppin’ Passion'

Our popular small fruit collection now includes a passionfruit that thrives in warm climates and offers container-friendly, easy-to-grow attributes. Its flowers are a host for native pollinators, something the modern gardener will love as much as the delicious fruit! Performs best in Zones 9 to 11.

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Loves Me, Loves Me Not’

Star Roses and Plants Hybrid Tea Rose 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not'

This gorgeous, deep pink hybrid tea has a strong, sweet fragrance reminiscent of lilac and pineapple. Each enormous, 5-inch bloom is bursting with over 200 petals.

Rose ‘Sunbelt Garden Flame’

Star Roses and Plants Rose 'Sunbelt Garden Flame'

This rose adds a striking multicolor effect to the garden. Abundant non-fading blooms emerge deep yellow before transitioning though flaming shades of orange and deep velvet red.

Rose ‘Grandiflora Tiamo’

Star Roses and Plants Rose 'Grandiflora Tiamo'

This Grandiflora rose has double, non-fading red blooms that do not burn, even in high temperatures. It has high disease resistance, wonderful repeat blooming, and a lovely mild fragrance.

Rose ‘Floribunda Winning Streak’

Star Roses and Plants Rose Winning Streak

Each bloom offers a spectacular palette of cherry red and fuchsia petals striped with yellow. A compact and vigorous Floribunda.

To get an inside look at these new varieties and chat with experts, visit the Star Roses and Plants Booth 3217 and new varieties display at section NV70-74. To learn more, visit

Photos courtesy of Star Roses and Plants.