Terra Nova Nurseries Begonia DAYSTAR Hot Coral 1

Sep 15, 2021
Terra Nova Nurseries’ Begonia Recognized as Plant of Distinction

Terra Nova Nurseries recently announced that its Begonia ‘Daystar Hot Coral’ was recognized by the faculty and staff of the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia (UGA) as one of the August 2021 Plants of Distinction. Only 10 varieties were recognized as Plants of Distinction in a field of 400 varieties that were evaluated at UGA’s trial gardens in 2021.   

Begonia ‘Daystar Hot Coral’ received this high honor based upon its perfect cascading habit in hanging baskets. The Trial Gardens at UGA also took into consideration its number of flowers, leaf color, uniformity of habit and flower, resistance to insects and diseases, and overall appearance. Begonia ‘Daystar Hot Coral’ garnered a perfect five-out-of-five trial garden rating while at UGA, and its beautiful appearance and large size were frequently commented upon by members of the staff, faculty and visitors of the Trial Gardens at UGA. 

“Everything that Terra Nova has sent to us has been absolutely phenomenal,” said Sandy Begani, trial manager at the Trial Gardens at UGA. “These plants [‘Daystar Hot Coral’] have been blooming non-stop.” 

Begonia ‘Daystar Hot Coral’ has lush, dark foliage that supports large, hot-coral flowers continuously on display. This plant impresses growers, trial managers and consumers by its ability to fill a hanging basket with its frequent blooms and spreading habit.