Terra Nova Nurseries publishes 2024-2025 catalog showcasing new varieties

Jul 10, 2024
Terra Nova Nurseries publishes 2024-2025 catalog

Terra Nova Nurseries has published a new 2024-2025 catalog ahead of Cultivate’24. The new catalog features an “out-of-this-world” theme, showcasing the company’s new plants and current best-of-breeding varieties, along with numerous forms of related and insightful information.

The new catalog was collaboratively conceptualized by Terra Nova’s marketing and breeding teams as a celebratory throwback to the company’s history of creative advertising and thematic marketing.

Displayed in the catalog are unprecedented introductions that can be seen in person for the first time at the company’s Cultivate’24 exhibit booth 1121 and 1321, and in the New Varieties section), and many others that are also now available for finishing grower orders.

Imaginative artwork is a key highlight throughout the colorful catalog. The images creatively reflect a metaphorical and otherworldly character to the plants’ creative breeding traits, yet with insightful culture and growing information that substantiates the varieties’ real-life, real-time hardiness for landscapes.

“We decided to take a fun and artistic approach to our 2024-2025 catalog,” said Chuck Pavlich, director of new product development at Terra Nova Nurseries. “In a playful way, the theme points to the fact that our varieties, collections and series are so unique, they virtually offer a wondrous, divine and transcendental effect for anyone who grows or sees them.”

The 2024-2025 catalog is digitally available on Terra Nova Nurseries’ website. Print copies can be requested through Terra Nova’s sales representatives or brokers and by visiting Terra Nova’s booth at Cultivate’24.

New Varieties at Cultivate’24

Terra Nova is set to debut new varieties of coreopsis, echinacea and sedum at the company’s Cultivate 2024 booth, as well as new takes on many beloved classics for which the company is known. The display will highlight the following notable debuts, selected for their best-of-breeding traits, among others:

Coreopsis NOVA Opal Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Coreopsis ‘Nova Opal’

Coreopsis ‘Nova Opal’ displays a low and tight growth habit and presents strong landscape value in mixed beds, containers, borders and mass plantings. Its sweet, whisper-pink flowers make ‘Nova Opal’ a lovely accent plant.

Coreopsis NOVA Sunstone Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Coreopsis ‘Nova Sunstone’

Coreopsis ‘Nova Sunstone’, another new addition to the Coreopsis Nova series, features an abundance of flowers that transition from a rusty peach to sun-tanned pink. This powerful perennial features a variety of special uses such as being deer-resistant and a strong pollinator attractor.

Echinacea DELIGHTFUL Gold Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘Delightful Gold’

The company is introducing three new varieties to the echinacea Delightful series. Echinacea ‘Delightful Gold’, a standout in the series, lives up to its name with radiant butter-yellow blooms that contrast beautifully against its dark-green foliage. ‘Delightful Gold’ was specifically bred for the pot crop market and is prolific in its flowering.

Echinacea DELIGHTFUL Lace Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘Delightful Lace’

Echinacea ‘Delightful Lace’ is a charming addition to the echinacea Delightful series, with its sweetly scented tubular petals that form a star at the end. The fragrant flowers of ‘Delightful Lace’ are mighty hummingbird and pollinator attractors

Echinacea DELIGHTFUL Sangria Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘Delightful Sangria’

Echinacea ‘Delightful Sangria’, the ultimate variety included in the echinacea Delightful series, is a dwarf echinacea that showcases low-growing, long-lasting, and fragrant blooms. This variety is ideally suited for containers and makes a striking addition to mixed beds and border edges.

Echinacea French Tips Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘French Tips’

Echinacea ‘French Tips’ adds to the list of breathtaking varieties with its smooth, pink petals and white tips, resembling a classy French tip manicure. This superb, new echinacea is a complete showstopper with its large, fragrant flowers.

Echinacea PRIMA Spider Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘Prima Spider’

Echinacea ‘Prima Spider’, another new echinacea making its debut at Cultivate, features strap-shaped petals that transition from salmon-rose to magenta as the flowers turn upward.

Echinacea PRINCESS Bride Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Echinacea ‘Princess Bride’

Echinacea ‘Princess Bride’ is a perfect mound of white, daisy-like flowers. Its yellow-green cones add a touch of freshness to the flower and are a prominent feature of this echinacea.

Sedum 'Mocha Magic' Terra Nova Nurseries new varieties Cultivate
Sedum ‘Mocha Magic’

Sedum ‘Mocha Magic’, also brand new, delivers blue-grey foliage that transitions to milk chocolate in summer, supported by dark chocolate stems. It is topped with enormous mocha foam flower clusters and is a strong choice for mass plantings, mixed beds and borders.

Photos courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.