Eckerts feature sign Bridget Behe

Revamp Your Retail Series: Signage

If labor were unlimited and free, retailers wouldn’t need signs; customers could simply ask a question and get an answer. Signs are used in three... more »

Expanding your garden center’s product mix: A personal narrative

As I write this, I am home for two days in between the Dallas Gift Market and Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE). Both are great places to visit... more »

Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

What goes unseen goes unsold; if customers never see the product, they can’t buy it. This makes merchandising a keystone of retail sales. In main... more »

Top Feature Articles of 2023

Top 13 garden retailer feature articles of 2023

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Creative display of Dramm merchandise at Cultivate. Photo courtesy of Dramm.

Give your tool displays a tune-up

L&GR: What trends are you seeing in tools/equipment — are there other accessories you offer/are considering offering in the future? Ryan Amberg... more »

A cute help shed in the yard provides an easy-to-spot place to get plant help.

Finding inspiration in Milwaukee garden centers

The Garden Center Show tour began on a comfortably cool morning — but both the day and the retail inspiration heated up quickly. Attendees strolled... more »