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January 2022
Beyond Holidays: Holiday Décor for Year-Round Sales By Jamie Adler

Lights, licensed décor and garlands are just three accents garden centers can promote for use any time of year.

When many people picture the holidays, they imagine Christmas trees with ornaments, houses filled with décor, and home exteriors adorned in lights. These decorations are synonymous with the holiday season. Many people are teased by family and loved ones for keeping their décor up way past the holiday season; however, there is plenty of holiday décor that is perfect to leave up all year.

While many believe that Christmas décor is only for the holiday season, many items can actually be used year-round. Lights, licensed décor and garlands are just three accents garden centers can promote for use any time of year.

Light It Up

Lighting is the perfect accent to leave up all year. While multicolored and cool white bulbs can appear more festive, warm white and amber-tone bulbs are an elegant addition to a house or property at any time of year. Additionally, silver, white or copper wire is more neutral than green wire. LED lights are more popular year-round than other types of bulbs because they do not burn out.

Kurt S Adler Beyond Holidays: Holiday Décor for Year-Round SalesThere are several different types of lights to choose from when decorating a home, patio or yard. For example, fairy lights are an easy way for customers to enhance a garden or backyard. Net lights are great for shrubbery and can help transform your lawn into an oasis. String lights are a nice addition to pergolas and can add a touch of romance. There are also a variety of novelty lights such as animals, American flags, flowers, hot dogs, and so much more that are great to promote for parties, summer BBQs, and themed events.

Licensed décor is also great to keep up all year to show support for your favorite drink, movie, or organization. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or SpongeBob Squarepants, there is décor for Kurt Adler you can keep up all year with our wide variety of over 70 licenses. String lights with drinks such as Coca-Cola or Budweiser are great for an outdoor tailgate or bar area. Customers can show support for any friends or family in the military by proudly displaying an ornament through the year.

Kurt S Adler Beyond Holidays: Holiday Décor for Year-Round SalesLastly, garlands serve as beautiful décor all year round during any season. Garlands can be used to embellish an already beautiful garden. They can be a nice way to put a pretty touch on a classic fence or pole. There are many different types of novelty garlands, from plain beads to fun unique designs like lemons or candy.

Although holiday décor has become synonymous with the holiday season, there are many uses for the décor beyond the holidays. Garden centers are the perfect place to promote this, as lighting, licensed décor, and garlands can enhance and transform any home or yard.

Jamie Adler

Jamie Adler is an employee at Kurt S. Adler Inc. and the granddaughter of Kurt Adler. She is thrilled to be in a third-generation family business that creates joy for millions of people. She can be reached at [email protected].