Kurt S. Adler Inc. Décor Trends for 2021

January 2021
Décor Trends for 2021 By Jamie Adler

Understated, elegant themes are expected to be popular in 2021, with a subtle and sophisticated feel.

Trends are constantly changing, and it’s essential to always offer the newest and latest products to your customers. Our product development team goes through an extensive process to determine the new trends for the upcoming year; in fact, we start planning, designing and preparing over a year in advance. Part of our trend forecasting process includes reading articles, browsing home décor and fashion sites, looking for inspiration every day, and seeing what’s big in pop culture.

After an unexpected and crazy year, everyone is looking forward to the future. 2021 will definitely reflect the state of the world and how people are feeling. We can expect to see understated elegant themes — nothing will be over the top and opulent, but rather subtle and sophisticated. People will want bright, uplifting and positive themes and colors. There will also be a push toward traditional trends and patterns as this is most comforting and familiar.

Below I’ve listed 10 trends we will see a lot of in 2021.


Lemons have been taking over the fashion world, as we’ve seen them on everything from bathing suits to earrings. They represent optimism, positivity and joy. This trend contains bright colors made mostly of yellow, but will also contain other citrus inspired colors like green and orange.

There are many cute sayings that can be used with this theme, such as, “My main Squeeze,” “Each day is a fresh start,” “You’re the zest!” and “When life gives you lemons, make something sweet.” There is no doubt you will be seeing this fresh theme in 2021!


Another positive and uplifting trend is ladybugs. Ladybugs mean good luck. This adorable and sweet theme will be sure to bring a smile to peoples’ face. This trend will also contain phrases like “Lovebug“ and “Lady of the house.” The main colors are red and black, with hints of gold and silver.


Kurt Adler 2021 Trends beesBees are very important for our food supply by pollinating every spring. Our fruits, vegetables, flowers and, of course, honey would not be available if not for the honey bee. After reading several articles on bees and their declining population, we realized that although there is a great effort to repopulate bee hives, bees are still in serious danger of extinction due to climate change and pesticides. This theme is not only beautiful (which makes it appealing for Christmas) but it also brings awareness to this serious issue.


The uncertainty of 2020 has made everyone nostalgic for the past. People are calling on tradition now more than ever to help get them through hard times. There is no greater comfort than being home and cozy with your loved ones. We will definitely see this portrayed in holiday décor.

Traditional décor encompasses reds, greens and whites. We can expect to see traditional characters such as Santa Claus, Elves, woodland animals, snowflakes, gnomes, nativity sets and angels. They will be shown in a whimsical and Nordic style, which bring back the memories of yesteryear to a simpler time. Some elements will have an old European feel, further emphasizing the traditional appeal. Although there will be a traditional element, the looks will be updated with a fresh take.

CarouselKurt Adler 2021 Trends carousel

Nostalgia is an important factor in next year’s trends. Carousel-inspired products will be largely seen as they elicit childhood memories. These ornaments will be intricately designed and feature different carousel animals with a unique saddle design. This trend can showcase the true artistry of designers and is a unique way to elevate your holiday décor.


While blue is always a popular color, we expect to see it in a big way in 2021. With the knowledge that traditional décor will be largely seen, we predict that delft will come back, but in a slightly updated version.

Delft has been around for centuries and is a very elegant look. The beautiful blues contrasted with the stark white makes for a stunning display. Blue will also be embedded into other themes and lines. We can expect to see everything from deep navy blues to light blue on ornaments, picks, tree toppers, figurines and more.


Gingham has been very popular in the fashion and home décor world. The main colors in this trend are black, white and red. There is something cozy yet chic about gingham and it is an easy way to elevate your customers’ holiday décor. It is very versatile, which makes the pattern so popular. The checkered pattern makes for a nice looking aesthetic and can be used on ribbons, nutcrackers, ornaments, picks, figurines or just about anything! This classic pattern definitely gives an extra pop and has a country feel to it.

Understated Elegance

Gone are the days of over the top and indulgent trends. While we know people still want elegance and class, in 2021 it will be understated and more subtle. This trend will contain a lot of silver and black, with hints of gold. It will not be over the top and will provide just the right amount of elegance. This trend can be mixed in with others to help elevate displays and give a pop of sparkle and shimmer.

Boho Chic

In 2021, we can expect to see a lot of floral, romantic prints. “Shabby chic” has had a resurgence and can be seen in many high-end designers and brands. This trend will have soft shades of pink, purple, green and gold. It definitely has a feminine and romantic feel, and there will be plenty of butterflies, fairies and flowers. This trend will contain beautiful patterns that will remind customers of an enchanted garden.


Kurt Adler 2021 Trends natureIs there anything more calming than nature? Since travel was difficult, many people have turned to more low-key vacations and have really appreciated nature. Whether it is adorable woodland animals, natural tones, nature inspired themes or birdhouses, we can expect to see nature involved in a big way.

Examples of natural tones include white, ivory, brown, tan, and green. This holiday décor will have a snowy, winter wonderland feel and lend itself to a truly beautiful display. Expect to see beautiful, vibrant birdhouses as well.


Jamie Adler

is an employee at Kurt S. Adler Inc. and the granddaughter of Kurt Adler. She is thrilled to be in a third-generation family business that creates joy for millions of people. She can be reached at [email protected]


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