November/December 2021
Hitting the Road in Late Summer By Teresa McPherson

A late-summer visit to four southeastern Michigan IGCs brought inspiration and ideas to share.

While it was toward the end of season, these IGCs stepped it up with their indoor living and houseplants, providing customers with varied options and décor ideas with vignettes set up in and around their stores.

Downtown Home & Garden

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Downtown Home & Garden, first named the Mann and Zeeb Elevator, began in this storefront in the mid-1890s.
High-end gift shop meets kitchenware store in Downtown Home & Garden’s kitchenwares department. Corals and succulents from Chive Pottery provide movement and color on the walls as customers enter the store, and is repeated again in the warehouse area.
Formerly an early 1900s horse barn, the drive-through warehouse houses outdoor living items like furniture, décor, pottery and other goods.

KBK Garden Center

Saline, Michigan

This table not only promotes succulents, but the pillars and wall art provide color and motion to draw the eye.
KBK Garden Center makes use of space both around and above its green goods to display signage.
Positioning statuary among green goods shows customers how the two might complement each other.


Brighton, Michigan

One of four locations, Bordine’s Brighton, Michigan, store’s bright and airy entrance puts customers’ needs first, with carts at the ready.
Right inside the door, this prominent display reminds customers to social distance and provides baskets and sanitizer.

Turner’s Garden Center

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Who could disagree with this statement? Houseplants make a home.
Turner’s Garden Center makes plant parenting easy for homeowners of every level with a handy houseplants chart within easy reach.

Teresa McPherson

Teresa McPherson is the managing editor of Lawn & Garden Retailer. Contact her at [email protected].