January 2019
New for You By Abby Kleckler

These varieties are ready for retail in 2019 and could be just what you’re looking for to freshen up your benches.
If your customers want to invite bees and hummingbirds in for a visit, recommend ‘Rockin’ Fuchsia’ salvia from Proven Winners. Unlike all others of this type that have purple flowers, this revolutionary new variety boasts large, intense fuchsia flowers with black bracts. The deep throats hold plenty of nectar that will have your winged creatures returning all summer. This plant has a more refined habit and will not take over the container when you plant it with other vigorous annuals. Beautiful in the landscape too.
Proven Winners — www.provenwinners.com


With oversized, fully double flowers, indoor/outdoor appeal and retail merchandising solutions, the I’Conia Portofino series might just be the best begonia on the market. From Dümmen Orange, the new I’Conia Portofino series features vibrant flowers, mahogany foliage, strong branching, excellent flower power and shade/part‐sun tolerance.

Dümmen Orange — www.dummenorange.com


Endless Summer Hydrangea’s newest introduction ‘Summer Crush’ hydrangea is a true differentiator in the marketplace with a profusion of big rich raspberry red or neon purple blooms. Bred by Bailey Innovations, this new variety is the result of focused breeding and years of production and field testing. Zone 4 cold hardy and the most wilt-resistant Endless Summer yet, ‘Summer Crush’ has dark green glossy leaves, tight internodes and a genetically compact habit to fit into smaller spaces in the garden and a perfect size for patio containers.

Bailey — www.baileynurseries.com


‘Candy Sunblaze’ is the first striped addition to the Sunblaze series. Sunblaze roses are miniature roses that are ideal for containers and gardens. Hardy and easy to grow, these compact roses bloom in bright, bold colors from spring until fall.

Star Roses & Plants — www.starrosesandplants.com


The heuchera Northern Exposure series includes six varieties, all of which have a large stature featuring attractive, rounded leaves in a full, multi-crowned landscape, with color options ranging from amber to black. Specifically, heuchera ‘Northern Exposure Amber’ has clean lines with round, clear-amber leaves, on a medium-size mound. This variety has great rust resistance and longevity.

Terra Nova Nurseries — www.terranovanurseries.com


Orange and Rose join the popular ‘South Pacific Scarlet’, a 2013 All-America Selections winner. Orange (shown) is a 2018 AAS winner. South Pacific is ideal for both landscape and container use due to its compact habit, brilliant flower color and excellent repeat blooming. South Pacific is more uniform and vigorous plus it has better basal branching than comparison cannas. It is a hybrid, seed-propagated variety, day-length neutral and not prone to diseases transmitted in rhizome production.

American Takii — www.takii.com


Verbena Firehouse is the perfect medium-mounded basket and mixed-container verbena that won’t cycle out of flower. Firehouse offers a full range of colors and offers the same superior garden performance in the heat as the EnduraScape series. Less cycling means more color in the garden for summer. Firehouse also has excellent powdery mildew resistance. It measures 8 to 10 inches high and spreads 18 to 22 inches.

Ball FloraPlant — www.ballfloraplant.com


The award-winning Hollywood Hibiscus Collection showcases vivid, large, fancy flowers on compact habits perfect for containers. ‘Rico Suave’ is one charismatic, disease- and pest-resistant tropical hibiscus with tricolor blooms; golden orange with a burgundy center, rimmed in magenta for one macho “don’t you want me baby” in your garden vibe.

J Berry — www.jberrynursery.com


Calibrachoa ‘MiniFamous Uno Double PinkTastic’ is an early-to-finish, medium-compact calibrachoa with uniform flower timing across the series. It can be sold in quart and gallon containers, but also thrives in hanging baskets as part of Trixi combos. The MiniFamous Uno series has the most diversity on the market, featuring classic core colors, doubles and stars. New Double PinkTastic is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner. Gardeners will love its heavily contrasted double flowers and ball-shaped habit that is half trailing.

Selecta One — www.selectanorthamerica.com


‘Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha’ reblooming mountain hydrangea 10 is the newest member of the Proven Winners ColorChoice Tuff Stuff series. With massive blooms, its sterile, doubled florets take on outstanding pink or blue coloration depending on soil. Like all H. serrata, it has outstanding bud hardiness; hardy in Zones 5 to 9 and grows 2 to 3 feet tall/wide.

Proven Winners ColorChoice — www.springmeadownursery.com


Salvia ‘Blue by You’ is a beautiful, vibrant blue salvia that will repeat-bloom several times during the gardening season. A hybrid between Salvia nemorosa and Salvia pratensis, it has excellent flower power with long spikes on an excellent, well-branched habit. Its long flower spikes attract bees and other pollinators, while tolerating frost and heat. Bloom months are March to September.

Darwin Perennials — www.darwinperennials.com


Walberton’s gaura ‘Silver Fountain’ is a North American prairie native that is hardy to Zone 5. From early in the season, the plants are covered with profusions of sterile clear white blooms, giving an exceptionally long flowering period. The plant has a compact mounding habit with heavy lateral branching and stable highly variegated foliage. Ideal for lower water landscapes.

Plant Haven — www.planthaven.com


Beefsteak tomato ‘Atlas’ is the first-ever beefsteak for porches, decks and balconies. ‘Atlas’ lets you pick big, tasty beefsteak flavor right outside your door. The plant’s bushy, compact habit easily shoulders bountiful loads of 1 pound tomatoes. ‘Atlas’ is vigorous but grows neatly in patio containers — modern performance with old-time flavor. The fruit delivers unsurpassed balance of sweetness of acidity with 65 days to harvest.

Burpee — www.burpeehomegardensbrand.com


Suntory Flowers introduces a cool new novelty to the Senetti assortment. ‘Senetti Magic Salmon’ has flowers that blend shades of periwinkle blue and salmon pink into a tie-dyed effect. Flowers start out bluer but the pink center expands as they age. Imagine offering these as an Easter promotion, like colored eggs.

Suntory Flowers — www.suntoryflowers.com


Part of the LaBella Medio series, ‘LaBella Medio Purple Fun’ has a purple flower, with attractive white flower petals within the flower and a contrasted yellow heart. Ideal for a 4‐ or 6- inch pot, where this plant fills the pot easily. Fits in with the other colors in the LaBella Medio series. Something different for on the patio or in the garden.

Beekenkamp — www.beekenkamp.nl


The art of plants comes alive on every Tattoo bloom.
Each petal looks “inked” with soft brush strokes of black, helping them stand out in the garden and in stores. This new vinca series is bold, fun and head-turning. Outstanding in hot and sunny conditions. Available in four colors: Papaya, Tangerine, Black Cherry and Raspberry. Grows 10 to 14 inches high and spreads 6 to 8 inches.

PanAmerican Seed — www.panamseed.com


Hibiscus ‘Summerific Holy Grail’ is affectionately called “the holy grail” because Walters Gardens had been searching for years for that elusive combination of red flowers, near black leaves and a compact habit. The name stuck, and we are excited that Holy Grail will be new to retail for 2019. Hardy to Zone 4.

Proven Winners — www.waltersgardens.com


An exciting new introduction from the Green Fuse Botanicals First Light Program is the ‘Double Angel Daisy’. Double Angel will bloom all growing season regardless of light levels. Its defining feature is a low growing, prostrate habit. This plant form not only produces more flower buds all season, but it also keeps a tidy look in the garden.

Green Fuse Botanicals — www.green-fuse.com


Boasting the biggest blooms in the market, Tophat is sure to be a consumer favorite. Tophat is well suited for both large containers and that pop of color you need in the landscape. Tophat comes in three colors: Pink, Scarlet and White. This variety is a seasonal “must have.”

Syngenta Flowers — www.syngentaflowers-us.com


Gomphrena ‘Hortons Revenge’ is a beautiful new gomphrena that has screaming yellow foliage that is topped with bright-purple globe-shaped flowers that are accented with gold undertones. ‘Hortons Revenge’ grows to 18 to 24 inches and needs full sun for best color. It is a very drought- tolerant plant and also has shown tolerance to deer damage. It is grown from cuttings.

Hort Couture — www.hortcoutureplants.com


Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Sweet Cherry Tea’ is the first re-blooming ninebark to make its way into your landscape. Soft pink flowers bloom in spring and repeat mid-summer followed by warm, reddish-orange new growth. Exceptional branching coupled
with the colorful new growth allows for plants to fill in, yet minimizing pruning and contributing to the various shades of ‘Sweet Cherry Tea’.

Plants Nouveau — www.plantsnouveau.com


‘Gypsy White Improved’ has been identified as a 2018 All-America Selections Winner for superior garden performance in the ornamental seed trial. It’s no wonder this bright beauty won — just check out its abundance of double white blooms and nicely mounded habit. It’s great alone or as a component in mixed containers. Heat tolerant and long lasting, it is a sure winner in the garden.

Sakata — www.sakataornamentals.com


Habanero ‘Primero Red’ is the earliest ripening habanero on the market, with fruit ready to harvest and enjoy as early as bell peppers. And what a harvest it is — expect huge yields of peppers that are larger than other habaneros. These big beauties have one-third the heat of standard habaneros, letting gardeners appreciate their rich flavor in fresh salsa and cooking.

HandPicked Vegetables — www.handpickedveg.com


Lavandula angustifolia ‘Blue Spear’ is the showiest English lavender you can grow and sell! It shows off bigger, taller spikes than other seed lavender, with more upright flower stems that stand closer to each other for huge impact from a distance. Very easy to grow, with high uniformity and good habit. Hardy in Zones 6a to 8b.

Kieft Seed — www.kieftseed.com


‘Canary Wings’ offers a unique take on a plant that is a staple in gardens around the world. ‘Canary Wings’ has bright chartreuse foliage with beautiful red blooms all season long. Grows best in 60 percent shade and makes great shade baskets, pots and combinations. It measures 12 to 18 inches high and spreads 15 to 18 inches.

Ball Ingenuity — www.ballingenuity.com


‘Elise Ruby Red’ looks dainty but it’s a tough perennial with outstanding garden performance. Lewisia Elise flowers the first year and is hardy
in Zones 3 to 8. It blooms continuously for four to five months in most areas and is heat and drought tolerant. ‘Elise Ruby Red’ even won the FleuroSelect Gold Medal.

Benary — www.benary.com

27. ROSE

Rosa ‘Dynamite BAM!’, a floribunda type rose with HT-like/intermediate flowers offers growers and consumers the full package of benefits. This compact, container-friendly rose gives you cerise red 3.2-inch diameter flowers from spring to fall frost with little to no care. Self-cleaning, no disease issues, and continual flower on a 40-inch tall, 30-inch wide plant.

Concept Plants — www.conceptplants.com

28. MUM

The new Fonti family will start blooming in early September. All five colors have large, fully decorative blooms. Vigorous variety will size up in large pot sizes. Excellent for mixed combos with yellow/orange/red/ pink/white colors available. Fonti performs best in full sun and should be planted outside only.

Gediflora — www.gediflora.be

Abby Kleckler

Abby is the managing editor of Lawn & Garden Retailer. Contact her at [email protected]


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