April 2015
Tracking Up-to-the-Minute Trends By Bisser Georgiev

Pounding the pavement in 49 countries, LiveTrends Design Group has captured movements sure to make for hot products on your shelves in 2015.

Over the last 40 years the green industry has been evolving in the most incredible ways: from the Flower Power days of the ’70s to the big box explosion in the ’80s and ’90s, to the revolutionary plant genetics and technologies that were introduced during the last decade.

Today, our industry is thriving, and the excitement and optimism is felt across all sectors of the supply chain. All signs show that this will be a great year for horticulture.

Plants are finally hip again, and people of all ages love them. Products aim to deliver beauty, inspiration and affordable luxury for all income groups: from the conservative Pinterest mom, to the extravagant mansion owner, to the broke college student in a dorm room.

With this comes the realization that we no longer sell plants and pots. We create and market fashionable accessories to be used in well-designed décor settings.

This leads us to the question: How do we see ourselves and our businesses? Are we still in the plant business or are we in the home fashion industry? The answer is quite evident: We are definitely in the home fashion field.

Design is now becoming the single most important element in the supply chain of living products. We mastered the science of growing, packing, logistics, distribution and retailing.

Now we need to focus on what is the most important: the purpose of our products and how they inspire our consumer.

This shift of thinking is not easy. It requires acute awareness of consumer and fashion trends, it requires anticipation of what’s coming next, and it demands an open mind to what is truly beautiful and inspiring – today versus yesterday.

Our creative team at LiveTrends and SK Ceramics is constantly on the lookout for what is happening in our society, and what colors, shapes and designs are coming up next. The following examples are just small snippets of our Annual Trends Guide, which we publish every year as a guide for our retail and
grower partners.

Purpose: Urban Living

When it comes to purpose, urban living is shaping up as a leading trend. The migration from suburbia to downtown areas is a growing socio-demographic trend. It is defining our preferences for style and design. Smaller living spaces demand décor with smaller products and solutions for vertical walls.

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Colors: Soft Pink & Gray

The light contrast of soft pinks and grays is romantic and artistic at the same time. Duo-tone designs within the same product – whether with pink and gray or other colors – are becoming popular as well.

* image21

Style: Raw Nature

Raw nature continues to be a dominant trend in style. The usage of reclaimed wood, tree branches, stone finishes and natural accessories will continue to appeal to the senses of the vast majority of consumers.

* image30

Materials: Copper

Copper is becoming a growing trend in material usage. Its warmth and softness create a feeling for a modern yet homey atmosphere. Copper-colored finishes are also found in ceramics and glass.

Texture: Powdery Matte

This year matte finish (versus shiny) is leading the charts in the texture category. Especially appealing is the usage of powdery soft finishes, with an almost tactile quality.

* image42

Design: Simplicity

Heavily ornate is out and simplicity is in. Smooth, calm and unpretentious designs are becoming really popular across all demographic and income groups.

* image50

LiveTrends Design Group has captured movements sure to make for hot products on your shelves in 2015.

Bisser Georgiev

Bisser Georgiev has an eye for the next big thing as founder and CEO of LiveTrends Design Group, which combines ceramic pottery, living plants and specialty gifting items into one simple promise for beauty and simplicity. He can be reached at [email protected].


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