More Than a Feeling

Inspiration. It's the first stage of product development and often motivates the final sale. Find the right inspiration, and you'll create an upscale shopping experience that transports your retail guests to another place and time.... more »

Open to Change

Last year, Lawn & Garden Retailer wanted to create a competition that would recognize the top merchandiser in our industry, a garden center that exemplifies the creativity and passion that's keeping business alive in the... more »

Interiorscaping: Using Living Décor in the Off-Season

As the outdoor gardening season slowly winds down, your customers may think they have to hang up their trowels and pruning shears until next spring. Not so. Show your loyal green thumbs a way to... more »

Surprising Uses For Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are a great low-cost container option that most garden centers carry, but customers aren't breaking down retailers' doors trying to buy these basic gardening staples. Get consumers excited about terra cotta again... more »

Learn To Buy In Bulk

Most consumers know buying in bulk has its perks. With the growth of warehouse stores, like Sam's Club and Costco, it is no secret people like to buy more so they can save money in... more »

Color Blocking For Hard Goods

Welcome to Retailing 101. This is a new series that Lawn & Garden Retailer and the University of Florida are bringing to those readers that are new to the business, are looking to start a... more »

Glamming Up Concrete

As the most widely used man-made material in the world, concrete is seen every day in sidewalks, pavement and buildings as well as in bases for fences, poles and more. But what about its use... more »

Is Storage Costing You?

When you stock a product, you are making a commitment to have that product available in reasonable quantities for immediate delivery to customers. Retailers need to keep items in stock to stay in business, even... more »

Picking Up The Pieces

Damaged merchandise is hard to avoid. Sometimes the product is manhandled during shipment, and other times employees are careless when stocking items. Of course, no matter how cautiously merchandise is packed or stocked, breakage won't... more »

Maintaining a Sparkling Display

When you walk into any retail store, whether you know it or not, you are affected by the atmosphere; and for most people a clean atmosphere makes them more comfortable, encouraging customers to shop longer... more »

Pots, Planters & Statuary: What’s Next in Containers

From what I can gather, making a decision between the lighter weight materials and the heavier ceramic, plaster and such is not really the main concern when it comes to consumers choosing pots, planters and... more »


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