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March 2022
Trends in Pots and Planters

What’s new in a product category that’s thousands of years old? A lot! I recently connected with four pots and planters suppliers on what’s currently trending, what they’re working on, and what garden centers can... more »
Selling More Pots & Planters Big Grass Living

June 2020
Selling More Pots & Planters

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has reported a growth surge in the garden center industry since early March, likely due to travel restrictions throughout the country. Garden centers are often exempted from local closure orders,... more »

April 2013
Half-Built on Success

Displays in Half BuildHill Country Water Gardens keeps a lot of pottery in stock — approximately four containers worth — and for good reason. We turn 40 to 50 percent of it into disappearing fountains,... more »

November/December 2012
The Female Eye

"It's not about the basket!" McConkey Company has heard that statement countless times in its 48 years as a container manufacturer and distributor. "With most growers, an attractive, healthy plant is the main focus —... more »

August 2012
Container Gardening: 365 Days of Sales Ideas

From New Year's Day to New Year's Eve, a well-designed container garden has the ability to impact sales in the nursery in innumerable ways. From trees and shrubs to miniatures, from edibles to art, the... more »

August 2011
Garden State(ments)

From garden markets to a fourth generation family-owned garden center, the 2011 Garden Centers of America (GCA) Summer Tour in New Jersey offered tour attendees plenty of variety and industry history. What follows are useful... more »

February 2011
Let Me Explain…

... what mannequin containers are and why they're an important part of our displays at A Proper Garden.The first time I'd ever heard the term "mannequin containers" in our industry was during a presentation given... more »

November 2008
Contain Yourself

Plastic pots: They are a gardener's equivalent to a consumer's plastic shopping bag. We all know we use too many of them, but they're handy and often less expensive than their eco-friendly counterparts. Of course,... more »

More Than a Feeling
More Than a Feeling

Inspiration. It's the first stage of product development and often motivates the final sale. Find the right inspiration, and you'll create an upscale shopping experience that transports your retail guests to another place and time.... more »

January 2008
Open to Change

Last year, Lawn & Garden Retailer wanted to create a competition that would recognize the top merchandiser in our industry, a garden center that exemplifies the creativity and passion that's keeping business alive in the... more »

November 2007
Interiorscaping: Using Living Décor in the Off-Season

As the outdoor gardening season slowly winds down, your customers may think they have to hang up their trowels and pruning shears until next spring. Not so. Show your loyal green thumbs a way to... more »

May 2007
Surprising Uses For Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots are a great low-cost container option that most garden centers carry, but customers aren't breaking down retailers' doors trying to buy these basic gardening staples. Get consumers excited about terra cotta again... more »