April 2024

Top recommendations for shoulder-season sales

Merchandising tips and plant classes that can help your garden center capture essential off-peak sales.

Cool happenings

I’m on countless garden centers’ email lists and am constantly inspired by all the amazing things you are doing! Miller Flowers Greenhouse & Garden Center, in the western Ohio city of Greenvil... more

How to start your day off with successes and build on it

Completing one small task on your to-do list can increase your capacity to get things done — especially items that add value to your business.

Events that grow foot traffic — and your brand

Here’s how CountryMax partners with master gardeners to draw a crowd for its events.

Taking stock: Emerging P.O.S. and inventory management solutions

Point-of-sale systems and inventory management technologies offer new benefits to garden centers.

How to create store displays that captivate customers

Experienced merchandiser Michelle Sherrier provides her expert tips for elevating your garden center.

Using digital technology effectively

Digital communication is an essential part of communicating to your customers — here’s how to do it effectively.

Signs for success: 7 tips for captivating in-store signage

Visually appealing in-store signage is a powerful way to draw in customers and boost sales for your garden center.

Merchandising tips for selling more pottery and containers

Stocking your garden center with top-quality pottery — and displaying it well — will go a long way toward selling more of this product category.

5 Minutes With … Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente is the founder of destination garden center Natureworks in Connecticut.

As seen in the April 2024 issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer

The following companies were featured in the April 2024 issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer. Learn more about their products by clicking through to their websites. ABBOTT Alice's Cottage B... more

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