February 2020

What’s Your Company’s DNA?

Being the master of understatement, let me state the obvious: managing a retail business in today’s competitive environment is not for the faint of heart! Not only are you battling other brick and m... more

Houseplants are (Still!) Hot

The houseplant industry has seen an explosion in demand for foliage plants.

The Latest Trends in Floral Design

Flower and floral design consumers are the ultimate ambassadors of the industry.

Off the Grid: An IGS Installs a Solar Array to Cover 100% of its Energy Use

Country Mile Gardens recently installed a solar array to cover 100% of its energy use.

Goal Stacking

Partner with your customers to meet their garden goals by using relational sales and goal stacking.

Brand Aid

Garden centers must not only create consumer experiences, but build awareness that lasts.

It’s All About Engagement

Consider these fun and innovative ideas for your garden center promotions in 2020.

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