AAS Award Generous Gardeners ClubAAS Award Generous Gardeners Club

Oct 1, 2021
AAS Announces America In Bloom/All-America Selections Showcase Garden Contest Winner

All-America Selections (AAS) recently announced the 2021 winning community in their America In Bloom/All-America Selections Showcase Garden contest. 

In early 2021, 20 AIB participating communities were offered the opportunity to plant an All-America Selections (AAS) Showcase Garden. The number 20 was chosen to celebrate America In Bloom’s 20th anniversary in 2021. Each community received a minimum of 12 zone-appropriate AAS Winner varieties at no cost to their communities.

The community’s gardens must be on public display with all plants labeled with variety names. 

Once the gardens were planted, pictures and a verification/application form was provided to AAS to verify compliance. Communities were judged based on their pictures and application and the 2021 winning community was announced during the America In Bloom Symposium Sept. 29-Oct.1.

This year’s winner is Gloucester, Massachusetts!

The Generous Gardeners club of Gloucester, Massachusetts chose two waterfront locations to plant their AIB/AAS Showcase Gardens. Surrounding Gloucester’s Inner Harbor are popular parks for residents and visitors to enjoy the unique views that Gloucester’s location provides.

AAS Generous Gardeners Tennis CourtsOne Showcase Garden was in the Keith Trefry Memorial Park, where the yellow, orange and white AAS Winners were planted. The second garden was planted around the tennis courts at Stage Fort Park and this garden featured pink and purple AAS Winners. 

“The AAS Board and our supporting breeders are so happy that we can continue to support and be involved with the America In Bloom program,” said AAS President Scott Rusch of BloomStudios. “This promotional effort is yet another way that AAS can continue to reach new audiences with our marketing and public relations activities.”


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