Jan 22, 2024
Atlanta Market announces Best Booth Award winners

Atlanta Market has presented “Best Booth” Awards to six temporary exhibitors, in recognition of excellence exceptional merchandising and visual ingenuity, with Umbra receiving a special “Best of Show” distinction.

“The winners of this Winter’s Best Booth Awards demonstrate a unique dedication to design and showcase the breadth and depth of talent to be discovered at Atlanta Market,” said Karen Olson, ANDMORE executive vice president, chief marketing officer. “We congratulate these six finalists, as they inspire out-of-the-box at-Market sourcing and influence branding innovation for buyers and sellers alike.”

Winter 2024 Atlanta Market Best Booth Awards winners are:

Best of Show: Umbra, B2-1-103

Represents the highest level of achievement through use of all categories of visual excellence into one cohesive and holistic visual presentation.

Best Product Merchandising: La Jolie Muse, B2-2-225

Recognizes a sales-oriented display that successfully showcases and cross-merchandises product lines to promote sales. All elements of visual merchandising — lighting, signage, product display – are employed for greatest impact.

Best Branding Display: Musee, B3-3-2300

Represents distinct and memorable branding that successfully communicates the company’s brand through signage and special fixtures.

Best Interactive Elements: F&H Group, B2-1-403

Incorporating elements that captivate buyer attention and prompt engagement and encouraging immersive experiences with the product line.

Best Use of Color: BuDhaGirls LLC, B3-4-2901

Employing color to elevate product presentations and integrating different tones and hues throughout the display.

Best Storytelling: Oh My Mahjong, B2-3-100B

Using visual merchandising to narrate the story of the product(s) and company, attracting customers, inspiring engagement with products and representing unique brand stories.