Atlanta Market Temporary Reorg

Mar 6, 2024
Atlanta Market to reorganize temporaries for summer 2024

Atlanta Market will reorganize its 1,400 gift and home temporary exhibits into seven broad categories, with new streamlined product categories aligned on eight floors across Buildings 2 and 3 of AmericasMart Atlanta.

The Atlanta Market temporary exhibits run Wednesday, July 17, through Sunday, July 21, 2024.

“Following our successful strategic remerchandising of AmericasMart’s permanent showrooms through Atlanta Next, we now turn our focus to re-organization of our temporary exhibits to create more cohesive discovery and sourcing,” said Dorothy Belshaw, executive vice president and chief growth officer of ANDMORE. “This remerchandising will simplify the market experience and create synergistic new adjacencies, which will introduce buyers to innovative merchandise guaranteed to provide a differentiated retail mix and unique finds for clients and customers.”

Atlanta Market is consolidating more than 30 existing categories into seven new umbrella categories: Fashion Accessories; Gift; HIGH DESIGN; Home; Kitchen + Table; Makers Hub; and Cash & Carry.

This reorganization is said to not only help buyers find relevant products, but also create new synergistic adjacencies across complementary categories to encourage cross-category buying. It also aims to provide more favorable positioning for companies with products relevant to two, or more, of the former 30-plus categories.

These will be presented on eight floors across Buildings 2 and 3:

Building 2:


Floor 2: Home

Floor 3: Kitchen + Table

Building 3:

Floor 1: Cash & Carry

Floor 2: Makers Hub

Floors 3 and 4: Gift

Floor 5: Fashion Accessories

Previously recognized as standalone neighborhoods, existing categories now are concentrated into broader, complementary product groupings: Fashion Accessories combines Accessories Council, Boutique, Gentlemen’s Boutique, Jewelry and Fashion Accessories & Apparel; Gift combines Body + Soul, Spa Products, Children’s World, Modern Child, General Gift, On Trend Gifts, Seasonal Gifts, Outdoor Living, Noted Village and Emerging Brands; HIGH DESIGN combines High Design, Modern Maker and LUXE; Home combines Home Accents, Home Furnishings, Fine Linens, Home Textiles, LUXE, Seasonal Gifts and Outdoor Living; Kitchen + Table combines Georgia Grown, Gourmet Food, Housewares, LUXE and Tabletop; Makers Hub combines Handmade Designs, Handmade Jewelry, Emerging Artist, Made in America, Global Designs, The Gallery Collection (MSA) and Museum Gifts.

Augmenting these gift and home resources are two floors of casual furnishings and outdoor accessories temporary exhibitors in Building 1 of AmericasMart. With Summer Casual Market Atlanta, running concurrently July 15-18, Atlanta Market buyers will have access to 100-plus complementary temporary exhibits on Floors 7 and 8.