May 10, 2022
East Jordan Plastics to Open Georgia Facility

Michigan-based East Jordan Plastics, a large-scale manufacturer of horticultural containers, announced it will invest more than $44 million in a new facility in Lyons, Georgia.

The project is expected to create 80 new jobs in the state’s Toombs County, according to a news release from Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp.

East Jordan will open its 255,500-square-foot facility along US Highway 1 in Lyons, according to the release. During its first year, the facility will be used for logistics and distribution, and the company plans to develop the facility to include recycling and manufacturing operations over the next five years.

Headquartered in Michigan, the family-owned company produces thermoformed and injection-molded horticultural containers that make it easy to fill, plant, ship, and display products around the greenhouse, nursery, and garden center, according to the news release.

The company in 1947 started manufacturing greenhouse flats from wood. Today, most of East Jordan’s containers are made from a high percentage of recycled plastic and are recyclable through a “closed-loop” recycling process, according to the release East Jordan recycles over 20 million pounds of horticultural containers a year.

In the news release, East Jordan Plastics President Scott Diller thanked state and local officials for “business-friendly and forward-looking leadership,” calling the Lyons location “tragically significant and beautiful.”

Georgia officials touted East Jordan Plastics’ value as a recycler.

“This exciting project will have a dual impact – keeping plastics out of our waste streams while making a difference in the lives of locally employed Georgians,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Commissioner Pat Wilson.