Dec 18, 2019
FloraLife Introduces Recyclable Paper Material for Its Flower Food Sachets

FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Co., is introducing recyclable paper material for its flower food sachets.

The recyclable paper material is one of FloraLifes initiatives in working toward the goals identified in its 2025 Sustainability Plan, which launched last month. The sustainability initiative is a long-term plan targeted for 2025 that implements the reduce, re-use, recycle and respect principles in four areas: water, innovation, production and consumption, and climate action.

“Our recyclable paper material is one of the first initiatives in our long-term sustainability plan to address our impact on the planet and society,” said Jim Daly, vice president, FloraLife/Grower Global Operations and Corporate Research.  “The development of alternate packaging options will reduce the over reliance on plastic while still satisfying our customers’ needs.”

The recyclable paper material is initially being stocked with FloraLife Express 300 powder. Other formulas will soon follow. The product is available for powder packets that treat 1 liter (1 quart) and 0.5 liter (1 pint) amounts of water in both the FloraLife brand and private label brands.

In addition, FloraLife is asking its suppliers to align with and support its 2025 Sustainability Plan with the goal of moving towards more sustainable packaging options.

“Incremental change, like our recyclable paper material and the corresponding reduction in plastic, is a significant step on our journey of environmental stewardship,” Daly said.