FlowerTrials 2024 set for June 11-14

Apr 17, 2024
FlowerTrials 2024 set for June 11-14

FlowerTrials 2024 is scheduled to take place June 11-14, with 59 companies exhibiting in Week 24.

FlowerTrials 2024 set for June 11-14Over the past two decades, FlowerTrials has evolved from a joint promotion initiative set up by a handful of breeders into a key event within the global horticultural community.

FlowerTrials brings together leading breeders, growers, retailers and industry stakeholders to discover the newest varieties and trends in pot and bedding plant breeding. From vibrant annuals to resilient perennials, FlowerTrials meets consumer requirements for color and garden performance, while addressing the evolving demands of the market, including sustainability, disease resistance and adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

Marjolein Kuyucu-Lodder, international product marketeer at Florensis and new chairwoman of the FlowerTrials committee, said, “Over the past 20 years, FlowerTrials has evolved from a joint open days’ initiative to a cornerstone trade event in the horticultural calendar. In addition to plants that brighten up the garden, the modern consumer is looking for plants that are heat-resistant, drought-tolerant or attractive to pollinators. The exhibiting breeders at FlowerTrials are increasingly responding to these societal trends by showing the latest plant innovations in inspiring ways, helping retail to successfully bring the story across to their customers.”

This year, FlowerTrials exhibitors will showcase their latest innovations at 30 locations in the middle and south areas of the Netherlands, as well as in Germany. With its focus on presenting the latest breeding achievements, the event is a driving force showing the ongoing evolution in the pot and bedding plant market.

A full overview of this year’s exhibitors and their assortments together with a registration link can be found at flowertrials.com.

Photos courtesy of FlowerTrials.