Apr 29, 2020
Michigan Garden Plant Tour Announces 2020 Dates

The 17th annual Michigan Garden Plant Tour offers commercial growers, landscapers, public garden employees, and other industry professionals the opportunity to learn about new and existing plant selections from the major breeding companies and to better understand how they perform in different outdoor settings. This year, the tour runs from July 27 to August 7.

MSU trial gardenThis year, attendees will experience

  • A 1-acre display garden featuring new 2021 Proven Winners and Proven Selections varieties at Four Star Greenhouse (Carleton, Michigan)
  • Over 1,500 varieties, 500 unique hanging basket and deco pot combinations, and 150 new items for 2020/2021 at Mast Young Plants (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • 7 acres and 100,000 plants with over 1,000 varieties that includes 200 hanging baskets and 150 large containers in sun and shade at Raker-Roberta’s Trial Gardens (Litchfield, Michigan)
  • 1,000 classic and cutting-edge varieties on display and daily tours of their field and greenhouse operations at Walters Gardens (Zeeland, Michigan)
  • Over 200 varieties of annuals, perennials, and vegetables being evaluated in the MSU Trial Gardens at the MSU Horticulture Gardens (East Lansing, Michigan)

The Michigan Garden Plant Tour is completely free, but please check the tour website for specific times, RSVP requirements, tour schedules and other information for each site. The tour’s Facebook page features numerous photos and details about each of the gardens.

For more information, contact Kristin Getter, assistant professor and director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens at Michigan State University. She can be reached at [email protected]



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