Aug 29, 2016
New Book Outlines How to Rethink Gardening

In “Late Bloomer: How to Garden with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life”, garden designer Jan Coppola Bills shows how to rethink approaches to gardening.

The book is due out in November and will be published by St. Lynn’s Press.

Bills, a second half of life gardener, helps friends and clients achieve easy care, low-cost and eco-friendly gardens. “Late Bloomer” calls for readers to explore gardening in this “half” of life in a more soul-pleasing way.late bloomer cover

“It is not about keeping up with others,” Bills said. “It excludes memorizing botanical names and identifying every garden insect or noxious weed (that’s what Google is for). Rather, it is an ongoing relationship, with deep and lasting experiences. For me, it is an opportunity to bring what I love to the garden; it makes me feel alive, rejuvenated and well. Gardens are my blank canvas, the one place to be fully expressed without limitation or prejudice. A garden is where hope is restored and relaxation is practiced.”

“Late Bloomer” is part garden philosophy and part on-the-ground strategies and tips from the author and expert gardeners across the U.S. With full-color photos throughout, this book is organized around the four tenets of the Late Bloomer philosophy: Simplicity, Beauty and Harmony, Comfort and Ease and Relaxation and Letting Go.

Jan Coppola Bills is a certified landscape designer, advanced master gardener, entrepreneur, and contributing writer for State-by- State Gardening magazine. She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Management. Bills started the Detroit-area landscape design company Two Women and a Hoe.

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