NGB Goodness of Gardening resource page social media graphics

Apr 5, 2023
NGB promotes “Goodness of Gardening”

National Garden Bureau (NGB) has devoted 2023 to launching a series of articles, blogs, videos and a webinar that highlight the good that can come from gardening.

Most recently, a MAT release directed at consumers about the “Goodness of Gardening” was posted and picked up by large markets news outlets such as the LA Times, San Francisco Gate, Houston Chronicle and Chicago Tribune.

The release, which has been picked up by a total of 1,031 news outlets thus far, has a current reach of more than 157 million readers with more to come as print publications pick up the article. The article outlines how gardening can be good for the body, mind, soul and more. The release is also published as a blog on the NGB website and is going out to all 50,000 of NGB’s email subscribers. 

As part of this promotion, NGB has created a Goodness of Gardening resource page for the industry to use to do their own promotion of this message. Included on that page are blogs to repurpose, links to videos, articles, research and social media graphics.  This information is free for anyone in the industry to republish and distribute, with proper credit given to National Garden Bureau.

A free webinar on the Goodness of Gardening will be held on Monday, April 24 at 12 noon Central. Panelists are representatives from the NGB Therapeutic Garden Grant sponsors: American Meadows, Ball Horticultural Co. and Sakata America, along with several representative from other NGB partners and garden grant recipients.  

Lastly, an NGB Redbubble shop for “Goodness of Gardening” gifts, clothing and products was created with a choice of 8 designs for anyone who wants to spread the good news. 

For more information about this program, ways to expand it and/or membership in National Garden Bureau, contact Diane Blazek.