PlantCon returns to Houston in April

Mar 18, 2024
PlantCon returns to Houston in April

With Heart Collective has announced that PlantCon International is scheduled to take place April 13-14 at NRG Center in Houston, Texas. The event kicks off with an opening reception on April 12 at the Houston Botanic Garden.

The convention will feature a marketplace with over 150 local and international vendors offering of plants and plant-related products. From rare to beginner-friendly plants, the marketplace will include including aroids, orchids, carnivorous plants, bonsai, aquatics, florals, natives, cacti, herbs and more.

Free workshops and presentations will also take place, led by experts in the field. These sessions will cover a range of topics, from houseplants to native plants, gardening, and foraging. There will also be book signings from plant world authors and publishers.

“We are thrilled to witness PlantCon’s remarkable growth since its inception. This year’s expansion to more than 82,000 square feet at the NRG Center underscores the passion within the plant community,” said Kenny Nguyen, founder of PlantCon International. “Our goal is to bridge divides within the plant community, build connections that surpass geographical boundaries, and unite us through our shared love for plants.”

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