Rockledge Devon Klingman and Brendan Hayes-Morrisonnew owners

Jun 21, 2022
Rockledge Gardens Announces New Ownership

Rockledge Gardens owners Theresa and Kevin Riley announced on June 1 that they have handed ownership over to Devon Klingman and Brendan Hayes-Morrison.

“They are young, energetic, enthusiastic and so, so excited!” they wrote in a recent e-newsletter. “They love everything about Rockledge Gardens and our local community. They are eager to carry on the legacy as well as to make Rockledge Gardens their own. They have embraced our staff and will keep them on and plan to change very little. They share our values of community, beauty, and education and will continue to focus on those values as they move forward.

Rockledge Gardens’ owner Theresa Riley shares her thoughts on selling the family business and has advice for other IGCs considering their future.“They have made it clear to us that they welcome our involvement as we move ahead … advising, working on projects, helping to bring stock in, etc and this welcoming open door is very comforting. At the same time, we want to give them their own space and time to make it their own.

“As you can imagine, it’s been an emotional ride as we have planned for this day. We have been flooded with memories … of our earliest years working alongside my dad, to my days here with Kevin in high school, and our growth together into the management and ownership of Rockledge Gardens. We remember bringing our babies to work with us and our sweet little house right on the property of Rockledge Gardens. We remember fall festivals through the years and many many special events shared with all of you.

“Rockledge Gardens brought its share of challenges and tears, including droughts, freezes, and hurricanes, but those were certainly overcome by JOY and beauty, due in large part to your amazing support.

“Rockledge Gardens will remain in our lives forever. We look forward to many walks down memory lane and to seeing and enjoying the things that Devon, Brendan, and the wonderful staff are doing. And, we look forward to seeing all of you…our wonderful customers, who have also become our friends through the years.”