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May 20, 2024
That Flower Feeling Foundation expands support network, recognizes ongoing contributions

The That Flower Feeling Foundation has added new supporters and the continued dedication of existing contributors, advancing its mission to share the joy of flowers worldwide.

New supporters include Fresca Farms, Syngenta, Smithers Oasis, Cleveland Plant and Flower, and the Floral Marketing Fund, highlighting the significance of flowers in enhancing lives and communities.

Kelly Mace, marketing manager at Smithers Oasis, said, “Smithers-Oasis is thrilled to partner with That Flower Feeling, offering premium floral products to enhance the beauty and longevity of arrangements. Let’s elevate ‘that flower feeling’ together!”

That Flower Feeling Foundation also thanks Albin Hagstrom & Son, Armellini Logistics, Chrysal, Continental Floral Greens, Dummen Orange, Pennies by Plaza Flowers, and Wafex AU for renewing their support, reinforcing our shared vision.

David Armellini, a member of the That Flower Feeling Advisory Board and renewed supporter, said, “The Flower Industry has a long-standing tradition of enriching lives and fostering positive emotions. Armellini Logistics is proud to partner with That Flower Feelings, an organization dedicated to strategic marketing within the industry. We believe their efforts can significantly enhance our collective ability to share the emotional power of flowers with a wider audience. By working together, we can amplify the positive impact of our industry and ensure its continued success.”

While Sarah Keefer, marketing Director of continental Floral Greens, said, “At Continental Floral Greens, we proudly support That Flower Feeling because we believe in the simple yet profound joy that fresh flowers and greens bring into daily life. By promoting the regular use of fresh flowers and greens, this initiative helps integrate their beauty and positivity into everyday routines, making each day a little brighter. We are excited to be part of an effort that not only enhances individual well-being but also supports the entire floral industry.”

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