November/December 2019
Finishing up Fall

By the time you read this issue, fall will have come and gone here in the Midwest — the leaves turned from golden orange and fiery red to brown, and the temperatures dropping into the... more »

November/December 2019
Sleeping with the (Fr)enemy…

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you that retail is as tough as it’s ever been, and the impact on retailers is ominous. It’s been recently reported that national and regional chain... more »
J Berry Red Hot™ Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica

November/December 2019
Welcome to GardenComm, Salt Lake City

We garden writers are known to be an enthusiastic bunch, so when we descended upon poor unsuspecting Salt Lake City recently for the GardenComm Annual Conference and Expo, they clearly knew not what they should... more »
Event Central Valentine's Day Dinner Garden Center

November/December 2019
Valentine’s Day Dinner

How did the event come about, and how has it changed over the years? Our Valentine’s Dinner in the Greenhouse was the first dinner concept we hosted at Down to Earth. It was a logical... more »
Larson’s Garden Center

November/December 2019
100 Years and Beyond

Larson’s Farm was a familiar sight on Route 6 in Bristol, Connecticut, for nearly 90 years. The produce stand, which started on an ironing board, got its start long before highways were numbered. Larson’s has... more »

November/December 2019
The Winners’ Circle

It is not easy to predict which new introductions will perform from the greenhouse to the end consumer. That is why multiple organizations take on the responsibility of trialing and evaluating new varieties each year... more »
Gardens of Babylon in Nashville, Tennessee

November/December 2019
2019 Merchandiser of the Year Winner

Fun and funky might not be the first words that come to mind when thinking about a garden center — but they’re exactly what Gardens of Babylon in Nashville, Tennessee, is aiming for. “The one... more »
Yarrow Acres

September/October 2019
Ideas and Inspiration

Garden center tours can be a great way to see both new products and new ideas that you can take and personalize into your own store. From repurposed racks used to display products to signage... more »
Salwitz Recipes for Fall Container Designs That Sell - opening

September/October 2019
Recipes for Fall Container Designs That Sell!

I’ve spoken at Cultivate (long before it was Cultivate) about how to sell more fall container designs so many times that I think my message has finally begun to sink in to the wider audience.... more »
Martin's Home and Garden

September/October 2019
Touring Music City, Part 2

Moore & Moore Garden Center, Nashville, Tennessee The Coco Hut at Moore & Moore provides a convenient place to store coconut fiber materials, as well as a prime location to display potted... more »
The fine art of watering garden center

August 2019
The Fine Art of Watering

After counseling another business owner about watering, warrantees and similar teachable moments in the challenges of watering, it occurs to me that this might be a good thing to talk about during our hottest season.... more »

August 2019
Merchandising and Display Tips & Tricks for Your Garden Center

Garden centers as well as other independent retailers face a unique challenge that sets them apart from typical department stores, big boxes and large chains: With such a specific market and depending on the time... more »


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