Endless Summer® Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea
Endless Summer® Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea By Bailey Nurseries

{Sponsored} Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea is raising the standard for Hydrangea macrophylla with its compact size and powerful rebloom. This new member of the Endless Summer® Hydrangea collection is backed by superior genetics to ensure high performance for the trade and home gardeners.

Pop Star® was introduced by Bailey Innovations™ in Georgia, the breeding arm of Bailey Nurseries. Each year 15,000 Hydrangea macrophylla seeds are planted to begin the trialing and evaluation process. Only a few seedlings are kept beyond the first year to maintain the high standards of the Endless Summer® brand, including consistent rebloom, Zone 4 hardiness, and the ability to flower on old and new wood.

At Bailey Innovations™, the rebloom ability is tested by cutting back the plants in mid-June and observing how they respond. Pop Star® stood out among the other seedlings as it formed new flower buds only four weeks after being cut back, which was 2-4 weeks earlier than similar varieties. David Roberts, the Director of Plant Breeding at Bailey Innovations™ says, “Pop Star® is the strongest rebloomer we’ve ever trialed. In fact, Pop Star® represents the new gold standard by which we evaluate all our future introductions.”

And it wasn’t just the rebloom that made Pop Star® special, but also the compact size. In the trials, Pop Star® displayed short internodes that kept the plant upright without flopping. As the trialing continued, Pop Star® kept impressing the team at Bailey Innovations™, so the plant was sent to other regions of North America to be trialed in landscapes.

Hardiness is a crucial trait for Endless Summer® Hydrangea, so Bailey trials each variety at their Minnesota facility to expose the plants to winter conditions. While being trialed in Minnesota, Pop Star® endured -35°F with no issues. In cold regions, Hydrangea macrophylla may die back to the ground, but the new wood will produce flowers the following summer and provide home gardeners with color each year. For warm climates, Pop Star® has thick leaves that create improved heat tolerance. After evaluating its landscape performance, the results were clear: Pop Star® is a winner for the trade and consumers. These results led Bailey to introduce Pop Star® in 2023.

Retailers have access to a variety of liners and finished plants from Bailey and other wholesale growers. Pop Star® has four characteristics that set it apart for retailers and home gardeners.

Big Rebloomer– The extended bloom time for Pop Star® makes it easy to showcase on the retail shelves in spring and summer to encourage impulse purchases.

Compact– At 18-36” tall and wide, Pop Star® remains small and has tight internodes with strong stems to prevent flopping.

Easy To Grow– Pop star® has excellent disease resistance and thicker leaves to tolerate heat, making it low maintenance in the landscape and on the shelf.

Versatile– The electric blooms and compact size of Pop star® look incredible in group plantings or as a specimen. Pop Star® is a great choice for deco pots, either on its own or mixed with seasonal plants. The vibrant blooms are perfectly suited to cut flower arrangements. Adding color to garden center displays is easy, as Pop Star® can be paired with other shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

To learn more about Pop Star® Bigleaf Hydrangea, head to baileynurseries.com/brands/endless-summer.