Much More than A Buyer’s Guide
Much More than A Buyer’s Guide By Editorial

2003-2004 Visual Sourcebook

Welcome to the second annual Lawn & Garden Retailer Visual Sourcebook. You’ll notice that our Sourcebook has grown since last year. We’ve added more companies to the vendor directory and the product listing and more products to the Marketplace. (By the way, if your product or service is not currently listed in our Sourcebook but you would like for it to be, you can do so on line at

Included in our Sourcebook is an alphabetical company listing for some of the most innovative companies in the industry, a listing of the products these companies offer by category and a visual representation of many of these products.

The companies you will find in the following pages represent every product and service from rhododendron to rakes to retail consultants. If you need contact information for a particular company, turn to our vendor directory, which starts on page 44. To search the Sourcebook for a vendor of a particular product, use our product listing, which starts on page 72, by first locating the product category within one of four categories — green goods, hardgoods, nursery supplies and services — and then referring back to the vendor directory for contact information for the selected companies.

So far, it sounds like a pretty typical buyer’s guide, but any of you who had a chance to see our first annual Sourcebook, published in September 2002, will know that it has a different flavor — it’s much more than just a listing. In keeping with the very visual nature of Lawn & Garden Retailer, we couldn’t just sign off on a listing; we had to actually show you the products. That’s why we have an extended marketplace section this month that is filled with products from the companies listed in our directory. Starting on page 6, this special marketplace is, like every month, divided into general product categories such as green goods, chemicals, tools, etc. Since there were so many companies in the directory, we could not gather a press release from each one, but quite a few are included so you can have a better feel for the company and their products than just a name and a contact.

And I’m sorry to say that with this issue, Lawn & Garden Retailer will once again go on hiatus through the fall and holidays. As we did last year, we will be taking a break through the slower fall months and the hectic holidays. We’ll be back in January with another eight months of inspired solutions to help you generate higher profits. Until then, happy shopping!


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