Farwest Show Portland 2023

Aug 17, 2023
Farwest Show to remain in Portland

Organizers of the Farwest Show have announced that thes how will remain at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland for 2024 and beyond. Oregon Convention Center is reportedly the only event venue in the region and state with the adequate size, scale and services to accommodate the needs of the show.

In a statement, Jeff Stone, executive director, Oregon Association of Nurseries, and Todd Nelson, owner, Bountiful Farms & Nursery, Woodburn, Oregon, and president of Oregon Association of Nurseries, wrote:

Over the past year, a number of members and exhibitors raised concerns about COVID-era conditions in Portland. They urged us to explore other venues for Farwest. We took these concerns seriously and understood why people would feel that way. We felt it was important to explore various alternate locations in light of the ongoing needs of the show.

As we all know, COVID-19 disrupted everything, including the way people work and the way they live. We saw a rise in houselessness and, sometimes, unrest. These issues take time to address. That said, it has been three years since the peak of COVID. We have found that conditions downtown and near the Convention Center have improved over the last year. This post-COVID recovery matches our own industry’s strong growth. These are positive signs for the nursery industry and for Farwest.