January 2012
Take A Seat By Pete Mihalek

What have you done to make shopping a little easier, more comfortable or even streamlined?

The Chicago metropolitan area, aka Chicagoland, tops out around 9.5 million people, according to the 2010 Census. This staggering amount of people can turn any shopping experience — particularly Christmas shopping — into the ultimate test in patience and holiday dedication.

If you think about it, there are quite a few parallels between the holiday shopping season and the throes of our spring: full inventories, busy parking lots, long lines at the counter, larger staffs, and shopper comments like “I’m getting a late start” and “How am I going to get all this home?”

It takes a lot of effort on your end to keep it running smoothly and make it enjoyable. But what about on their (customers) end?

the garden lounge

On my first and only trip to a mall last December, I saw something pretty thoughtful while waiting patiently inside an Anthropologie — a women’s clothing and home décor store. There was plenty of well-cushioned furniture for us male “bag holders” along with juice boxes, crackers and storytime for the kiddies (see photos).

Anthropologie recognized the challenges its female customer might experience while Christmas shopping and tried to offer a helping hand. Now she’s free to shop while her husband can give his tired feet a rest, and her occupied kids are now a little less hungry and three pages into Curious George.

We owe those shopping souls a pat on the back, at the very least, for braving the crowds during our peak season to spend their money and show us a little neighborhood loyalty in
the process.

What have you done to make shopping a little easier, more comfortable or even streamlined?

have you noticed?

Usually when someone brings up the “elephant in the room,” it can be a touchy subject. Well this elephant is loud and proud. You are now well into the refreshed Lawn & Garden Retailer.

A new logo, bold cover format, an updated and forward-thinking Editorial Advisory Board, an easier-to-read font and more contemporary article layouts are just some of the big changes you’ll notice in this January issue and in issues to come.

We’ve already fallen in love with this new look our designer, Jason Kenny, has created. So take a seat, get comfortable and tell us what you think.