TPIE 2023

March 2023
Tropical plants take center stage at TPIE By Abby McGarry

A look at standout products and merchandising ideas from the 2023 Tropical Plant International Expo.

Cool Product Awards

The Garden Center Group had its largest contingent of retailers ever scour the show floor for standout products. There were 67 products nominated, and these 15 came out on top, receiving TPIE 2023 Cool Product Awards.

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The 2023 Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) brought together approximately 6,500 attendees from 48 U.S. states and 44 countries for the 50th anniversary of the show in Tampa, Florida, in January.

Many of the 365 exhibitors took their displays to new heights, giving retailers plenty of inspiration to take back to their garden centers, along with many tropical plant and product introductions. Here are some highlights.

Trending Tropical Plants

TRENDING TROPICAL PLANTS displays from LiveTrends Design Group

Large displays from LiveTrends Design Group near the exhibit hall entrance explored how global trends, art and design, and plant science come together to create innovation. Some key takeaways included: we need to reinvent wellness and craft for well-being, localism, and collaboration is the new luxury, and how nature and technology interact (i.e., Nature Tech) will be a driving force in our industry.

Point of Purchase

Pot wraps from PPC Tempkin


Grabbing a shoppers’ attention is one of the best ways to make a sale. Pot wraps from PPC Tempkin (above) nearly scream for people to take a plant home, while holographic care tags for Venus flytraps took home the Favorite New Product award from attendees (below).

holographic care tags for Venus flytraps

POP materials from Henriks Greenhouses (below) play off the Bloomingdale’s brown bags, illustrate the mood-boosting power of plants, and tell a repeat, recycle, reuse story.

POINT OF PURCHASE Pot wraps from PPC Tempkin tropical plants

Opportunity to Educate

Opportunity to Educate Costa Farms tropical plant display

Costa Farms went simpler with its TPIE booth this year but told a few important narratives that would likely interest consumers, too. Its biologicals display showed predatory insects and mites in action with simple signage that read, “Check out the bugs we use that help fight off pests to keep our plants happy and healthy.” Sustainability was also top of mind, with its entire booth being made of cardboard and interactive wall explaining its new ceramic pot alternative.

Create an Oasis

Kimsue Foliage set up a tropical plant rest spot

Many people gravitate toward houseplants to turn an ordinary room into a tranquil space, so why not create that same feel in your store? Kimsue Foliage (above) set up a tropical rest spot.

Proven Winners showed off their vignettes for bathrooms, offices and more (below).

Create an Oasis Proven Winners

R & D Nurseries (below) even added a mannequin under the trees.

R & D Nurseries added a mannequin under the trees

Power of a Theme

Power of a Theme Penang Nurseries created a movie theater

Sometimes a unique motif is just what’s needed to get people to stop and shop. Penang Nurseries created a movie theater to show its latest bonsai, succulent and bamboo products, complete with appropriately named movie posters, a plant ticket booth, and a popcorn machine that drew the crowds.

Abby McGarry

Abby McGarry is editorial director of Lawn & Garden Retailer.