March 2006
A Gift Market Overview

With so many gift shows throughout the year across the country, it can be hard to know which ones will suite your gift-purchasing needs: Some feature educational sessions or target specific regions, and some only... more »

January 2006
Adding Some Fashionable Flair

Whether they are purely decorative or wholly functional, fashion accessories are now part of everyday life. If you're skeptical, count the different accessories you have used, worn or displayed today. People consciously and unconsciously choose... more »

The Delectable Collectible
The Delectable Collectible

Collectibles is a broad category encompassing everything from cards and Christmas ornaments to dolls and dinnerware. It can include contemporary pieces or antiques, first issue or resale. The number of collecting clubs attests to the... more »

Sorting Through the Gifts
Sorting Through the Gifts

We've been to quite a few garden centers around the United States and Europe, and through those trips we've discovered that there are hundreds of product categories that can be considered gifts. Gift departments are... more »

March 2005
Trade Shows of the Gift Market

To provide the most beneficial information to help develop or keep your gift section fresh and specialty oriented, we asked the sponsors/managers of the gift shows here in the states to provide the five Ws... more »

July 2004
Collectibles — Worth Your Time?

Ah, remember the days of Beanie Babies? Beanie Baby magazines, books, games — they were everywhere, and everyone wanted them. It was a no brainer to sell them. But, just as fads do, Beanie Babies... more »