“Earned” Rewards

Last October, I crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon and, like the 40,801 other finishers, I quickly had a space blanket over my shoulders and a medal around my neck. Millennials are often... more »

March 27, 2012
Roman Inc. Purchases Alexa’s Angels

Roman Inc. recently announced it has completed its purchase of Alexa's Angels, an inspirational jewelry and gift company.Roman Inc. recently announced it has completed its purchase of Alexa's Angels, the inspirational jewelry and gift company.... more »

A Personal Touch

For many of your customers, gardens serve almost as a living autobiography. From the plants they choose to grow, to the overall design and landscaping schemes, gardens are a reflection of their owners' personality, tastes... more »

Under Wraps

Every winter, garden centers are stocked to the rafters with ornaments, lighting, holiday-themed trinkets and fresh greenery in anticipation of a busy Christmas season. Those items are perfect for sprucing up your customers' houses and... more »

The Gift Basket Wrap

Candy Spelling (Tori's mom) has a special "wrapping" room in her 100-room mansion devoted to them. On the Sopranos last season, a character mugged Lauren Bacall for the swanky contents of hers. But gift baskets... more »

Browsing the Gift Markets

At Lawn & Garden Retailer, we know there are numerous gift shows during the year that you would like to attend, but you just can't go to all of them. So we asked representatives from... more »

Gift Center Genius

The overall gift industry is a $253 billion market. According to Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of the Outdoor Living Report and the book Why People Buy Things They Don't Need, that... more »

It’s All Fun And Games

Children may be small, but they can be quite powerful — especially in the retail sector. The heft of their allowances and the pressure to purchase they exert on parents and caregivers makes the children's... more »

Wax Works

Candles aren't a new product to hit retailers' shelves: In fact, candles have been around for more than 5,000 years. The earliest candles were highly functional, used to light homes, aid travelers and celebrate religious... more »

A Gift Market Overview

With so many gift shows throughout the year across the country, it can be hard to know which ones will suite your gift-purchasing needs: Some feature educational sessions or target specific regions, and some only... more »

Adding Some Fashionable Flair

Whether they are purely decorative or wholly functional, fashion accessories are now part of everyday life. If you're skeptical, count the different accessories you have used, worn or displayed today. People consciously and unconsciously choose... more »

The Delectable Collectible

Collectibles is a broad category encompassing everything from cards and Christmas ornaments to dolls and dinnerware. It can include contemporary pieces or antiques, first issue or resale. The number of collecting clubs attests to the... more »


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