August 2016

Outside the Vines: Purpose in Mind

Services and purposeful merchandising have helped furniture store Acme Mid- Century, in Alexandria, Virginia, boost sales and keep the store’s products — both big and small — at the center of it... more

Busy Doing Your Job, Can’t Get Any Work Done

"Your job is an historical artifact. It’s a list of tasks, procedures, alliances, responsibilities, to-dos, meetings (mostly meetings) that were layered in, one at a time, day after day, for years. ... more

Big Departments, Miniature Inventory

Talk of miniature or fairy gardening as a trend started a handful of years ago in the industry, but for many of your customers, it’s still a new concept. The inventory is unique, but these four garden centers have found successful ways of creating miniature gardening departments that are both functional as well as inspirational.

Wildlife: A Good Thing in the Garden

It's important for you and your staff to be knowledgeable about insects to position yourselves as experts for all of your customers’ needs.

Finalists on Fire

The judges are deep in deliberation to decide Lawn & Garden Retailer’s 2016 Merchandiser of the Year. In the meantime, here’s a look at the five garden centers still in the running, in no particular order. With the largest number of entries yet, the competition has been tight.

Renewed Retail

Have bookstores seen their heyday? With the bankruptcy and closure of hundreds of stores by Borders five years ago, that seemed to be the case. Not to mention the popularity of Kindles, Nooks and so m... more

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