January 2015

Outside the Vines: Here’s the Scoop

Ice cream shop owners, Anthony Sobotik and Chad Palmatier, promote working with and purchasing ingredients from local shops.

Who Are You? What Do You Really Sell?

Anyone who turned on their TV from early November through Christmas Day was bombarded with commercials touting virtually every product and service known to man. (And I believe there was a plot among t... more

Charismatic Customer Service

Shoppers now expect more than satisfaction. They want an experience, and it is your job to create just that.

Take My Money: A New Age of POS

Interested in offering an alternative to cash, check or charge? ApplePay, Google Wallet, BitPay, CoinBase and Dwolla are a handful of talked-about options, but some are more viable today than others.

Create Curb Appeal Chatter

These garden centers have maximized the space near the road to catch the eye of potential shoppers as they drive past.

Shelf-Ready Sustainability

If consumers want eco-friendly gardens, you want ways to merchandise these products. Three authors explore thriving environmentally friendly techniques.

Staying Dry

With shoppers focusing on eco-friendly gardening, water-wise plants have the potential to be some of your top sellers.

Checkout Changes

When's the last time you heard the cha-ching of a cash register? I'm not talking about making the sale, but about the sound itself. A recent shopping trip got me thinking about point-of-sale (POS) sys... more

5 Miniature Gardening Must-Dos

Clark Hermanson, garden center manager at Pesche's Garden Center in Des Plaines, Illinois, has five tips for scaling up your scaled-down offerings.

Discover the Power of Your Personal Sale

Why marketing you is a great way to market your garden center

Selling to Settled-In Millennials

Using today's technology is imperative if you want to attract project-oriented shoppers.

Surviving the Climb … and the Descent

Combat complacency and keep your family-owned garden center invigorated for years.

Build Today’s Team for Tomorrow’s Economy

Motivating meaningful change can improve the culture of your business.

Immediate Sale, Lifetime Customer

Establish and communicate your value proposition, create relevancy for both your products and your store for the consumers in your individual market, and be authentic and real (i.e. tell your story).

Outside the Vines: Brewing Creativity

Portland brewers concoct just the right mix of flavor and uniqueness to create a local business that's a mega hit.

The 2015 You

New Year's resolutions have begun (and are hopefully still intact), everyone is starting to tire of winter (at least here in the Midwest), and a new face shows up on the editorial page (Where's Pete? ... more

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