June 2013

Let Me Explain…

What Naturally Urban Means at Linder's

The Premium Outlet Experience

Kyle Natorp explains the philosophy behind Natorp's Nursery Outlet and how this big shopping experience is one his customers will never forget.

Winners Circle

Clear some shelf space, and make room for these honored beauties!

Advice from the Pros

OFA – The Association of Horticulture Professionals will host its biggest event next month — 2013 Short Course. From mapping out 1,500 exhibit spaces to scheduling 140 educational sessions and accommodating more than 9,000 attendees, an event this size could make any event planner's head spin. Lawn & Garden Retailer recently caught up with the OFA staff to learn how they keep it together for a successful event year after year. We hope their tips can help with your next event, no matter the size.

Tucson’s Finest

With fewer lawns, extreme sun, desert soils and little rain, Tucson presents gardeners challenges unique to the region. Thankfully, the creative staffs at Harlow Gardens and Mesquite Valley Growers know just what it takes to be successful — and their great merchandising helps too.

…of the year

For 2013, the Lawn & Garden Retailer Merchandiser of the Year competition has your name all over it.

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