May 2012

The Art of Engagement

Effectively engaging your customers will result in moving them from transactional purchasing to experiential buying and building long-term trust and relationships.

Lone Star Standouts

From themed display gardens to simple signage strategies, a quick visit to Austin, Texas, and its local independent garden centers provided plenty of useful ideas for you to implement now or next season.

Let Me Explain…

An Off-Season Turned On

Not Your Typical Pop-Up

During a three-day sale, Nectar & Company's second annual Garden Market used concept shops to create an unforgettable experience.

Become The Buzz

What sets your business apart from others is the very thing that sets you up for retail success.

Grilled Cheese & Makeup

Grilled-cheese tattoos and customer service wristbands. The following concepts are just too good not to share. And while neither of them come from our industry, they may just get your wheels spinning and the creative juices flowing.

Your Face-to-Face Trade Event

With preset appointments and stress-free scheduling, next month's National Lawn & Garden Show is not your typical industry event.

Well Prepared Soil & Students

Successful vegetable gardens take a little more than a packet of seeds and some dirt. Send your new vegetable gardeners out with more than product, but with a better understanding of what it means to be prepared.

Sold On Eating, Better

Next month, I'll be getting married to a life-long vegetarian-turned-vegan. Needless to say, my eating habits have changed dramatically — and for the better — in recent years.I remember days when I'... more

The Consumable Consumable

Vegetables and herbs have made a comeback in your retail space. What can you do to make your garden center a mecca for the consumable consumer?

Inspiring Through Edible Exhibitions

Consider educational museum exhibits to help you create a clearer message about what you're trying to sell.

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