Altman Plants Announces National Retail Availability of Rose Collection True Passion

Sep 20, 2021
Altman Plants Announces National Retail Availability of Rose Collection

Altman Plants recently announced the nationwide availability of its retail-ready True Bloom Roses collection, featuring five rose varieties. The plant material is collectively grown by Altman Plants, along with the company’s expanding network of finishing grower licensees, and supplied to leading garden center retailers in all regions of the U.S. 

“Our True Bloom Roses are raising the bar for garden roses in the horticulture industry, and we are thrilled to make them available through garden centers across the country,” said Matt Altman, co-president of Altman Plants. “This expansion in retail availability of our True Bloom Roses is a fantastic development for home gardeners who are looking for roses that look like a true classic rose, but are easy to grow and perform well in their gardens under tough conditions.”

Bred by Ping Lim, one of the world’s most renowned rosarians and director of ornamental plant research at Altman Plants, the True Bloom Roses collection features five varieties that combine the best traits of hybrid tea roses with disease-resistant shrub roses. True Bloom Roses are bred to thrive in a range of climates for easy care and excellent disease resistance, while exhibiting the

beauty of a traditional rose flower. Best-of-breeding traits and characteristics of the True Bloom Roses collection include bigger, continuously blooming flowers featuring multiple layers of petals and fragrance with the healthy, vigorous, compact growth habit of a plant that grows on its own roots.

Altman Plants Announces National Retail Availability of Rose Collection True Passion
Rose ‘True Passion’

‘True Passion’ is an award-winning Hybrid Tea Shrub rose with orange-red double petals that retain their bright color throughout the blooming season. This easy-to-grow variety has a strong resistance to diseases such as black spot and mildews, and is tolerant of heat and cold hardy to USDA Zone 4. It roots extraordinarily well, eliminating the need for understock. It is the winner of the Pauline Merrell Award for Best Hybrid Tea at the Biltmore International Rose Trials in 2016. It was also named an A.R.T.S. Master Rose for 2018 by the American Rose Trials for Sustainability. 

xTrue Bloom Roses True Gratitude 2
Rose ‘True Gratitude

A vigorous, upright growing shrub rose, the award-winning ‘True Gratitude’ features large, deep magenta flowers that produce a notable, spicy fragrance. Boasting a 6-by-4-foot habit, it performs well in the landscape, as a cut flower and can be trained as a climber.

Roses True Friendship 2
Rose ‘True Friendship’

‘True Friendship’, also an award winner, is a classic, profusely blooming floribunda rose with warm yellow petals, glossy green foliage and a sweet fragrance. It grows easily on its own roots and exhibits a compact 3-by-3-foot habit. 

True Bloom Roses True Sincerity 2
Rose ‘True Sincerity’

‘True Sincerity’ produces multicolored blooms across a range of pinks, oranges and yellows, blooming constantly throughout the season. This rose grows easily on its own roots, displaying a healthy, compact 3-by-3-foot form. Its flowers complete their cycles cleanly.

True Bloom Roses True Inspiration 2
Rose ‘True Inspiration’

A Hybrid Tea Shrub with bright pink, double peony-type blooms, ‘True Inspiration’ has strong, sturdy stems and a pleasant, green pepper fragrance. This variety grows up to 5 feet tall and produces plenty of buds, repeating well throughout the growing season. 

Altman Plants’ True Bloom Roses finishing grower licensees make up the SynRG, LLC group, including Overdevest Nurseries L.P.; Prides Corner Farms; Saunders Brothers Inc.; Sheridan Nurseries; and Willoway Nurseries Inc.

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