Jun 27, 2023
AmericanHort appoints vice president of advocacy and government affairs

AmericanHort recently announced the appointment of Matt Mika as the new vice president of advocacy and government affairs. With his extensive experience in government relations and deep understanding of public policy, Mika is expected to play a pivotal role in advancing AmericanHort’s mission to advocate for and protect the interests of the horticulture industry at all levels of government.

In his new role, Mika will lead AmericanHort’s strategic initiatives to promote legislative and regulatory policies that foster the growth, innovation, and sustainability of the horticulture industry. His expertise in navigating the complexities of government affairs and his strong relationships with policymakers will be instrumental in amplifying AmericanHort’s voice and influence on critical industry issues.

“AmericanHort is pleased to welcome Matt to our team,” said Ken Fisher, CEO. “Matt’s strong experience in government relations and his deep understanding of public policy will enhance our advocacy efforts and strengthen our ability to shape favorable policies for the horticulture industry. We are confident that Matt’s leadership and strategic vision will be important as we work towards achieving a favorable business environment and addressing the challenges faced by the horticulture industry.”

With more than 20 years of experience in advocacy and government affairs, Mika has a proven track record of developing effective strategies and building coalitions to advance the interests of various industry organizations. He has successfully navigated the legislative and regulatory landscape, collaborating closely with stakeholders and policymakers to drive positive outcomes. His broad expertise will empower AmericanHort to address key industry challenges and ensure the continued growth and success of the horticulture sector.