Angela Storm is now North American product manager for Dümmen Orange North America.

Sep 29, 2023
Angela Storm returns to Dümmen Orange as product manager

Dümmen Orange North America recently welcomed Angela Storm back as its product manager for potted crops.

She was formerly a regional sales manager for Dümmen Orange North America for nearly six years. After a brief stint elsewhere, Storm returns to the company in a new role that specializes in poinsettias, kalanchoes, pot mums, pot dianthus, African violets and regal geraniums.

“We are thrilled to have Angela back with our company,” said Nathan Sell, managing director of annuals, perennials and pot plants for Dümmen Orange. “Her extensive product knowledge comes from two decades of industry experience and she is an incredibly important resource for our valued customers and sales team.”

Storm’s horticulture expertise includes sales, product management and growing. Poinsettias are her favorite crop, and she looks forward to applying her knowledge to streamline variety selections to bring the best varieties to the forefront.

She comes from a long and well-established career in commercial horticulture. In addition to her experience at Dümmen Orange, Storm has worked in various roles for Dramm, Ball Horticultural and Selecta One.

Storm and her husband Oliver also own and operate a wholesale growing operation in Encinitas, California.