May 4, 2023
Arett Sales announces promotions, personnel changes

Arett Sales has announced several promotions and personnel changes.

Within the merchandising department, Paula Colon and Steve Marut have been promoted to the roles of directors. Both Colon and Marut have been product merchants at Arett for over six years, and will continue in their merchant roles while also becoming co-leaders of the merchandising department.

Mike Mallon and Ann Russick are also being promoted to senior product merchants, responsible for overseeing categories within the lawn and garden industry. Mallon has an extensive career within the lawn and garden industry, working for several companies including True Value, Home Depot and BioSafe; he also operated a manufacturer rep business for several years. Mallon is responsible for overseeing categories including birding, seed starting, repellents, and wearables, as well managing the Scotts program.

Russick joined Arett in 2020 after a career at Spencer Gifts, where she had several buying roles including senior buyer. Russick is responsible for planters and accessories and darden décor, as well as Arett’s Pottery Showcase and Terra Verde Home.

Elisa Goletz and Rena Conway have been promoted to senior merchandise planners. Goletz and Conway have been with Arett Sales for 17 years and 10 years, respectively, play integral roles with various components of Arett Sales. Both are go-to team members for training and questions relating to Arett’s ERP system and play a major role in managing millions of dollars of inventory and sales for Arett.

“This is the most talented merchandising team Arett has ever had,” says Noah Chesbrough, owner. “The ability to promote from within is something all companies strive for, and I’m both proud and excited to recognize the hard work, dedication, and success of these team members. I am excited to see what this team can do as Arett continues to grow into the future.”

In addition, Bernie Campbell has been promoted to the role of director of logistics. Bernie joined the company in 2005. In his new position, Campbell is responsible for managing the corporate freight policy, overseeing all freight expenses (inbound, outbound and import), and ensuring trucks have enough capacity to complete deliveries. He also supports the branches by performing annual hazmat training, daily routing balancing and S2K system support.

“Bernie’s positive attitude and energy have been contagious, and he has been instrumental in promoting our company’s core values,” says Chesbrough.

Adam Chesbrough will assume the role of executive vice president, and Noah Chesbrough as president. Adam currently oversees the advertising, e-commerce, and information technology departments. Adam joined Arett Sales in 2018 after running his own video production company for nearly 10 years. Noah joined the company in 2010 and has served as the acting president responsible for the day-to-day operations for the company.