Oct 27, 2023
Indie & Main announces 4 new partnerships

Indie & Main has announced a partnership with four new vendors: StoneDonut Design, Creative Women, Green Bubble Gorgeous, and Sage Planta. These vendors offer retailers unique, quality products that their customers will love.

“Indie & Main is thrilled to partner with our new vendors,” said Kayla Jones, executive director of Indie & Main. “Each business brings unique products to Indie & Main and opens new avenues for retailers to differentiate their store offerings in a positive and meaningful way.”

StoneDonut Design is a stationery and gift company that attributes its witty sense of humor and fun products to founder and creative director Brooke Likens. She draws inspiration from pop culture and the world for her designs and has a mission to bring joy and humor to each consumer of her products. StoneDonut’s products include greeting cards, stickers, notebooks, and more.

Creative Women is a luxury lifestyle brand specializing in artisan-made home textiles. Creative Women is not only celebrated for its commitment to producing top-quality, sustainable home textiles, but also for its dedication to ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices. The brand sources its products from women artisans in 14 countries, ensuring that these talented individuals are paid fairly for their craftsmanship.

Green Bubble Gorgeous is a handcrafted bath and body goods company. Their mission is to educate and provide products that are free of harmful chemical foaming agents, paraben preservatives, aluminum, and phthalate fragrances. They are inspired by Mother Nature and source the most sustainable, luxurious ingredients.

Sage Planta creates plant care products that can less-than-beautiful house plants. Their products are made with high-quality, organic ingredients. Sage Planta’s mission is to make plant care easy and sustainable. Sage Planta also creates unique plant holders that fit every aesthetic.

For more information about Indie & Main and their new vendors, visit indieandmain.com/vendor/index