Bushel and Berry Introduces New Blueberry Variety

Aug 7, 2020
Bushel and Berry Introduces New Blueberry Variety

Bushel and Berry, the collection of homegrown berries from Star Roses and Plants, is introducing its newest blueberry variety for 2021, ‘BerryBux’. ‘BerryBux’ is a revolutionary ornamental blueberry plant with buxus-like performance and appeal in the landscape. Its foliage and compact habit, which are similar to boxwood, make it ideal for hedges and mass plantings.

BerryBux blueberry“We know that boxwood has posed certain challenges in the landscape, so this is a great alternative with ornamental appeal and the bonus of blueberries,” said Layci Gragnani, Bushel and Berry program manager.

‘BerryBux’ grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet and works best in Zones 5 through 8. The berries on ‘BerryBux’ are small in size but pack a punch with wild, aromatic flavor.

With edible gardening continuing to rise among consumers, ‘BerryBux’ is the perfect addition to any garden space. Its unique form and colorful, delicious berries will impress both at retail and in the yard.


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