Dramm Noah Becker Noah Becker Marketing and Sales Associate

Sep 13, 2023
Dramm hires new marketing and sales associate

Dramm recently announced that Noah Dramm Becker is joining the company as a marketing and sales associate, working primarily with the commercial products and water management teams in content creation, website management, social media marketing, and advertising.

Becker will also have sales responsibility for several Mid-Atlantic states, working with Brett Kroszner, Northeastern technical representative. Additionally, he will work with the consumer and fertilizer segments to aid in their marketing efforts.

Becker previously worked in biotechnology for the past two years, doing research and development of new drug treatments. As a fourth-generation family member, he grew up around the business, working for Dramm during summers and time away from school.

“We are so excited to have Noah join us,” said Kurt Becker, executive vice president of commercial products. “His background in biochemistry, combined with his creative talents, will bring a unique perspective to the company and industry.”