TDI Brands announces 2 license agreements Bamboo Blooms self-watering pots 800

Jan 26, 2024
TDI Brands announces 2 license agreements

TDI Brands announced it has entered into a license agreement with British company Mayhem UK to exclusively distribute their Wicked Waterer brand of indoor plant care products in the U.S., and Australian company Bamboo Blooms brand to exclusively distribute their bamboo fiber self-watering pots in the U.S.

Bamboo Blooms brand

The new and exclusive range of Bamboo Blooms self-watering pots (above photo) includes 7-inch round pots in 12 different exclusive designs and 16-inch window boxes in three different exclusive designs (both graphics and solid colors). These are also available on a display containing 150 pots, POP material, and metal/wood display stand.

Bamboo Blooms pots are made from sustainable and replenishable bamboo fiber, corn starch and wood pulp, bound together with a natural resin. They are UV protected and can be used inside or outside; they are also biodegradable!

The Bamboo Blooms pot feature a built-in Plant Saver reservoir that automatically waters plants, eliminiating overwatering or underwatering. The  reservoir also separates the plant’s roots from the water with an air gap, ensuring plants never become waterlogged (roots can never be flooded which is the most common cause of plants dying) and the roots remain aerated.

Wicked Waterer brand

TDI Brands announces 2 license agreements Wicked Waterer brand
Wicked Waterer brand products.

The Wicked Waterer brand includes a Plant Alarm (standard and tall) that checks moisture at the root level and gives immediate notification of the plant’s water status.

The Spike Water Kit keeps plants watered while you are away.  Each kit comes with four water spikes with nylon/polyester (non-rotting) cords. When the spike is placed in the plant and the wicking cord is placed in a bottle of water, plants will be taken care of for up to 12 days. 

The Grow Light comes with a timer that can be set for three, nine or 12 hours.  The remote can be used to turn the light to blue to boost foliage, turn to the red light to promote flowering and turn to blue/red once the plant is all grown up.

Plant Groomers kits comes with a trowel, transplanter, rake, and metal snips.  Perfect for tending to small plants, terrariums, cacti, and seedlings.

For more information, visit the TDI Brands website, call your sales rep or 800-992-1220,  or email [email protected].