Apr 14, 2021
Early Gardening Sales Indicate Stronger 2021 Growing Season Than Last

While millions of new gardeners picked up their trowels due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the appreciation for tending green spaces doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Home gardening seed packet company Ferry-Morse is reporting even higher online sales for the first quarter 2021 compared to the same period last year.

While last year the growth of vegetable and fruit yielding seeds outpaced that of flower seeds, this year the trend has flipped and flower seed sales are growing at 10 times the pace of edibles, inclusive of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Top flower seed sellers are Sunflowers, Zinnias and Wildflowers.

“Our sales for 2021 indicate that last year’s appreciation for gardening is holding strong into this season, but what’s being planted is shifting again,” said Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru for Green Garden Products, owner of Ferry-Morse.

“Traditionally flower seeds have been about half of our total sales, but last year was a bit of an outlier as edible planting became the big trend and grew faster than flowers. This year, home is still our sanctuary and people want it to be beautiful and fragrant, so it’s no surprise that flowers are once again in high demand. And with the red-hot real estate market, we’re seeing planting flowers as a big part of DIY that can increase curb appeal and home value as well.”

Beyond beautification, gardening creates a sense of pride with countless benefits to the body, mind and soul. In research conducted by the brand, the top reason new gardeners were motivated to pick up the hobby was for relaxation (52%).

For more information, visit https://ferrymorse.com.

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