The Pandemic Gardening Boom Is Just the Beginning…

It’s no secret — plants are “in.” Plants are [finally] getting a portion of the spotlight they deserve in a world where screens and plastic do... more »

Gardening Motivations of U.S. Plant Purchasers COVID Pandemic Study Released

Many horticultural companies reported favorable sales in 2020 despite government-mandated restrictions to quarantine-in-place, according to researcher... more »

National Hardware Show Releases Health and Safety Guidelines

National Hardware Show organizers have updated health and safety guidelines in connection with all federal, health, and state recommendations and requ... more »

rutgers arts weekend

A Nursery Celebrates Art and Nature

For one weekend in late 2020, Rutgers Landscape & Nursery in Ringoes, New Jersey, transformed into an arts haven. The event was organized by Rutge... more »

stock garden center green goods

Mother’s Day Spending Expected to Reach New High

Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a record $28.1 billion this year, up $1.4 billion from 2020, according to the annual survey released toda... more »

Early Gardening Sales Indicate Stronger 2021 Growing Season Than Last

While millions of new gardeners picked up their trowels due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the appreciation for tending green spaces doesn't seem... more »


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