Ferry-Morse releases Colossal Collection of seeds

Feb 14, 2024
Ferry-Morse releases Colossal Collection of seeds

Ferry-Morse has launched a new Colossal Collection, featuring seed varieties that will reportedly grow vegetables at least double the average size or double the yield.

“Growing your own produce at home is a labor of love, and now gardeners of all levels can reap the benefits even more with our Colossal Collection seed varieties,” said Rebecca Sears, CMO at Ferry-Morse. “Whether you want to spice up your signature dish with the heat of our exclusive ‘Super Nacho’ jalapeño peppers, share an abundance of crispy green beans with friends and family or simply impress your neighbors with a state fair-worthy pumpkin, our Colossal Collection offers huge possibility for homegrown meals this spring.”

The Colossal Collection offers five different produce varieties:

  • Cucumber ‘The Big Dill’ – a superior hybrid variety known for its long, slender shape, each 8- to 18 inch-long cucumber is sweet and crisp.
  • Pole Beans ‘Jack’s Magic’ – a quick-growing early crop that can produce two times more harvest compared to the average garden bean.
  • Jalapeño peppers ‘Super Nacho’ – a hybrid pepper variety that can grow to be double the length of a typical jalapeño pepper, at 6 to 7 inches long, each pepper provides a seemingly endless supply of nacho wheels.
  • Beefsteak tomato ‘Beefed Up’ – a premium variety that produces robust and flavorful beefsteak tomatoes as much as double the average size. Ideal for slicing and culinary use.
  • Butternut squash ‘Sasquatch’ – a larger-fruited, vining hybrid variety that produces fruits reaching 5 pounds or more.
  • Cinderella’s Ride Pumpkins – this variety can produce pumpkins up to 500 pounds once grown.

For more information, visit ferrymorse.com/collections/colossal-seed.