Apr 2, 2024
HRI opens 8th National Green Industry survey

In a bid to delve deeper into the dynamics of the U.S. green industry, the Green Industry Research Consortium, comprising esteemed horticulturists and agricultural economists from various universities, is embarking on its 8th iteration of the National Green Industry Survey. Sponsored by Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), this comprehensive study aims to unravel the nuances of production, marketing and retailing practices within the green sector.

The survey, spanning a five-year timeline, serves as a critical barometer for measuring the industry. By soliciting insights from stakeholders across the nation, the Consortium endeavors to paint a vivid picture of evolving trends within the green industry.

One pivotal aspect of the National Green Industry Survey lies in its capacity to track changes over time. From shifts in consumer preferences to advancements in cultivation techniques, the data gleaned from participants offers invaluable insights into the industry’s trajectory. Furthermore, by analyzing current trends, researchers can anticipate future developments and strategize accordingly.

At its core, this survey is not just an academic exercise, it holds significant implications for the horticultural industry. By quantifying the contributions of the green industry, from job creation to revenue generation, the findings serve as evidence of its economic significance. Moreover, this empirical evidence bolsters advocacy efforts and informs policy decisions at both the state and federal levels.

The invitation to participate in this survey extends to all horticultural businesses. Whether you’re a grower, retailer, or involved in any facet of the green supply chain, your input is invaluable. By completing the survey, you’re not only contributing to a deeper understanding of the industry but also shaping its future trajectory.

To participate in this survey, simply follow this link: National Green Industry Survey. Survey responses are due no later than May 1.

In supporting initiatives like the National Green Industry Survey, HRI underscores its commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation within horticulture. Together, through collaborative research efforts, we can cultivate a greener, more sustainable future for all.