stock KidsGardening Announces Activities to Promote Kids Garden Month

May 15, 2023
KidsGardening offers educational tools and materials to independent garden centers

KidsGardening has announced a new service to provide garden centers resources and the opportunity to connect and engage with their own community of caregivers, teachers, parents, and other garden educators.

As the popularity of gardening among children continues to soar, independent garden centers are seeking innovative ways to capture the attention and interest of this burgeoning audience. KidsGardening now offers an all-inclusive service that equips garden centers with a wide range of tools and materials. 

Em Shipman, the executive director of KidsGardening, says she is thrilled to be able to support small businesses such as her local IGC, Gardener’s Supply Co.

“We want to help garden centers to create meaningful connections with young gardeners and their families. Together, we can inspire a new generation of green thumbs and foster a lifelong love for gardening.”

Garden centers can access a curated collection of articles, guides, and activity ideas designed to inspire and educate young gardeners. From step-by-step planting instructions to interactive learning games, the content covers various aspects of gardening, making it easy for garden centers to engage young visitors.

In addition to the educational content, KidsGardening’ offers high-quality images showcasing children actively participating in gardening activities. These images can be used by garden centers to promote their partnership with KidsGardening. By featuring real children enjoying the gardening experience, garden centers can effectively communicate the benefits and joys of gardening to potential customers.

To further support the marketing efforts of independent garden centers, Kids Gardening can provide a comprehensive media kit with blogs, social media templates, and customizable graphics, allowing garden centers to easily promote their engagement with KidsGardening and attract new customers. 

With these ready-to-use materials, garden centers can save valuable time and resources while consistently delivering a compelling message to their target audience.

The service is now available to all independent garden centers. Garden centers interested in the service can email Shipman at [email protected] or call 802.222.7884.