Feb 10, 2022
Monrovia Announces Sales Representative Promotions

Monrovia recently announced four sales personnel promotions. The talented women moving up to new roles are bringing their experiences in other areas of the company, enthusiasm for customer service, and a passion for plants to Monrovia customers across the country.

“This is a time of change within our industry and at Monrovia,” says Jonathan Pedersen, CEO at Monrovia, noting that it’s all women filing these newly open positions of Sales Craftsmen. “Many of our seasoned craftsmen are approaching retirement. As we say goodbye to that group of talented people, we are very fortunate to have so many of our current craftsmen ready to bring us into the future. Their energy and commitment to customer service will make the transition seamless.” One position was also open due to the loss of Jason Toole, who died in late 2021. “Having trusted partners for our customers in all of these territories is critical for us,” says Pedersen.

Corinne Knoderer Monrovia

Corinne Knoderer, Outside Sales Representative for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Western New Jersey.
Corinne has been with Monrovia since 2019, serving as both an inside sales representative and green good buyers assistant. Her past experience includes roles in retail, growing operations and serving as a garden center manager and buyer. Corinne is excited to bring her experience and knowledge to her new territory, expanding on the wonderful partnerships that Jason Toole nurtured.

Bridget Liljedahl Monrovia

Bridget Liljedahl, Outside Sales Representative for Upstate New York, and portions of Eastern Canada.
For five years, Bridget has been growing and learning at Monrovia’s Connecticut nursery, serving as an inside sales representative. Born and raised in the Adirondacks, Bridget says her new territory is a dream come true for her. She is looking forward to strengthening the customer partnerships that have been built over the years.

Kerry Fogerty Monrovia

Kerry Fogerty, Outside Sales Representative, Wisconsin Territory
Kerry has served as an inside sales representative at Monrovia’s Oregon nursery for more than six years. Her career in horticulture began in Connecticut with positions as a florist and buyer for retail garden centers. She is excited to continue her lifelong passion for growing beautifully by working as an outside sales representative in the Wisconsin territory.

Allison Gorman Monrovia

Allison Gorman, Outside Sales Representative for the Mid-Atlantic territory
Next month Allison will celebrate her ten-year anniversary with Monrovia. She has been sharing her talent for building relationships, love for plants and knowledge of creating retail success as an inside sales representative and as an outside sales craftsman throughout her tenure. Her new role will see her move from covering the Wisconsin territory to the Mid-Atlantic.